Royalty free Western music in the style of famous movies such as Silverado,  The Magnificent Seven,  Comancheros, my name is nobody, Rio Bravo, tombstone or The Good, the Bad and the Ugly  – Evoke some western cinemascope as wide as the prairie sky. Remember Elmert Berstein, Ennio Morricone SCORES in spaghetti western in the 60’s.

Wild West Spaghetti 3.25

Wild West Spaghetti

My name is somebody 0.50

My name is somebody

Spaghetti western 2.30

Spaghetti western

Bandoleros 2.36


El Caballero 3.15

El Caballero

Farwest 1.27


Magnifique West 1.52

Magnifique West

Main title 2.44

Main title

El gringo 2.21

El gringo

New frontiers 2.15

New frontiers

Grande Ouverture 3.16

Grande Ouverture

Prairie Prince 3.37

Prairie Prince

Western plains 2.21

Western plains

Open range 3.15

Open range

The right stuff 3.01

The right stuff

Mission accomplished 3.14

Mission accomplished

Glory road 2.33

Glory road

Great spaces 2.48

Great spaces

Magnificient skies 3.16

Magnificient skies