Royalty Free Music for Video Games

Playing video games become more engaging with royalty free video game music. This type of royalty free music is ideal for intense, action-packed games for PC and mobile devices. It is also perfect for productions that require big sounds to build the momentum further. Scan through our vast library and you will find versatile musical masterpieces that would make any video game even more intense. Similar to Batman: Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Destiny: The Taken King, Downwell, Fallout 4

Call of war 2.00

Call of war

Declaration of war 2.05

Declaration of war

Epic adventure 1.50

Epic adventure

Volonteer force 1.50

Volonteer force

War signs 3.05

War signs

Expert mission 2.14

Expert mission

Missing brother 3.12

Missing brother

Mission completed 1.52

Mission completed

Return 1.46


Spy world 1.54

Spy world

Dark forces 1.35

Dark forces

Cabinet Dr Caligari 1.19


Rescue dawn 1.42

Rescue dawn

Leadership 2.58


The big escape 2.46

The big escape

Live action 2.23

Live action

Optimizator 2.50


Dynamic connection 1.52

Dynamic connection

The big threat 4.50

The big threat

A new life action 2.56

A new life action

Benediction 1.00


Combat Mission 0.55

Combat Mission

Active pursuit 1.25

Active pursuit

Battle preparations 1.54

Battle preparations

Dark stars 1.00

Dark stars

Heroic 1.00


Improvement 2.42


Journey to Neverland 1.00

Journey to Neverland

Modern chase 1.00

Modern chase

Orchestral action 1.00

Orchestral action

Suspense Orchestra 1.00

Suspense Orchestra

Cornered Thrill 1.00

Cornered Thrill

Crypto planets 1.00

Crypto planets

The magical adventure 1.07

The magical adventure

Planet snow 2.30

Planet snow

In the Basement 2.29

In the Basement

Accidental 1.10


Final verdict 1.50

Final verdict

Climbing – short 2.31

Climbing – short

Devastation 0.57


The illusionist 2.37

The illusionist

Cabinet of Dr Cagliari 2.08

Cabinet of Dr Cagliari

Suspicious underscore 3.13

Suspicious underscore

Pass over 3.50

Pass over

L’ illusioniste 2.37

L’ illusioniste

Ascension 2.19


Ascension 2.40


Ascension 2.40