Royalty Free Hip Hop Urban Music

Give your project a touch of Urban Hip Hop with these Groovy Urban rhythm tracks. Set a powerful mood with an urgent and dramatic tune

Similar to Jay -Z,Tupac , Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Eminem, 50 Cent , Snoop Dogg, puff daddy, Neyo, Chris Brown, Usher, Alicia keys, Justin Timberlake, Mary J.Blige

Urban Life 2.00

Urban Life

Human beatbox 0.34

Human beatbox

Emergency 2.41


Hip Hop Reflex 3.04

Hip Hop Reflex

Hip hop bangers ( vocal ) 2.22

Hip hop bangers ( vocal )

Violence Urbaine 1.20

Violence Urbaine

Fbi file 1.56

Fbi file

Hip hop games 2.19

Hip hop games

Hip hop Gang 2.47

Hip hop Gang

Black eyes 3.02

Black eyes

Street Culture 2.43

Street Culture

Hip Hop Mafia 3.05

Hip Hop Mafia

Epic Boyz 2.20

Epic Boyz

East LA 1.57

East LA

Special Unit 2.41

Special Unit

Boyz from NY 2.31

Boyz from NY

Boyz in Black 3.01

Boyz in Black

Hip hop bangers ( sans vocal ) 2.22

Hip hop bangers ( sans vocal )

Real Hip hop blues 4.03

Real Hip hop blues

Acoustic soul 3.02

Just one teardrop

Action Force 2.29

Action Force

Hip Hop Technique 3.02

Hip Hop Technique

Hip Hop Impact 2.42

Hip Hop Impact

Hip Hop Jazz 2.08

Hip Hop Jazz

RnB Seduction 2.31

RnB Seduction

RnB Star 1.58

RnB Star

Sensuel RnB 3.22

Sensuel RnB

Ultimate RnB 1.55

Ultimate RnB

Black princess 4.22

Black princess

Provocation 2.29


Beyond the dunes 2.57

Beyond the dunes

Classical Hip hop 3.01

Classical Hip hop

Heroic Boyz 2.35

Heroic Boyz

Hip Hope 2.51

Hip Hope

Little world 3.22

Little world

My best friend 3.27

My best friend

Daddy Blaster 3.09

Daddy Blaster

Freestyler 2.35


Headline news 2.41

Headline news

Showbiz Tonight 2.31

Showbiz Tonight

Put it down 1.54

Put it down

RnB sister 3.13

RnB sister

Agent Provocateur 3.13

Agent Provocateur

Barry’s theme 3.55

Barry’s theme

Cool attitude 2.22

Cool attitude

Gangsta 2.32


Hip hop games 2.00

Hip hop games

Tutto bene 3.30

Tutto bene

Pacific promenade 2.49

Pacific promenade

Backshish 1.35


La revolte 2.10

La revolte

Cool man 2.47

Cool man

Mystic urban 2.53

Mystic urban

Tutto bene 3.30

Tutto bene

Pacific promenade 2.49

Pacific promenade

Hip hop film 3 3.50

Hip hop film 3

Interpol 1.57


Hip hop film 2 4.05

Hip hop film 2

Hip hop film 1 2.58

Hip hop film 1