Suspense thriller music is often used to bring a feeling of fear, intrigue or anxiety . This genre is ideal for creating tension so that the viewer feel uncomfortable , anxious and even terrified. This hand picked selection of suspense thriller music is excellent to illustrate this type of image . Suspense thriller music is characterized by the following: 1) The crescendos and blows of percussion, 2) The use of dissonance and minor scales and dark modes , 3) the sound effects and effects 4) The tension and release. Great for those school projects that require a touch of intrigue, this genre of suspense and thriller magic is the perfect combination of mystery and an intense kind of tension that will allow anyone to get interested in the video and sitting on the edge of their seats.  However you want to harness this exciting genre, it’ll get the hearts racing and the adrenalin pumping.  Make sure you use it wisely and it’ll be incredibly powerful.

Espionage 1.39


Private detective 1.56

Private detective

Battle Front 1.05

Battle Front

Super break out 1.55

Super break out

Combat Mission 0.55

Combat Mission

Active pursuit 1.25

Active pursuit

Battle preparations 1.25

Battle preparations

Dark forces 1.35

Dark forces

Getaway 1.34


Big risk 1.41

Big risk

Preventive war 1.28

Preventive war

Scary drums 3.06

Scary drums

Scarabs 1.43


Cabinet Dr Caligari 1.19

Cabinet Dr Caligari

Leadership 2.58


Live action 2.23

Live action

Optimizator 2.50


Risky Mission 1.46

Risky Mission

Swashbucklers 3.04


Break out 1.20

Break out

Bullet proof 1.30

Bullet proof

Prison Break 2.22

Prison Break

Reaction force 2.00

Reaction force

Ghost House 3.20

Ghost House

The big escape 2.46

The big escape

Rescue dawn 1.42

Rescue dawn

The big threat 4.50

The big threat

Corned thrill

Corned thrill

Razor’s edge 1.00

Razor’s edge

Dangerous Trek 1.34

Dangerous Trek

The midnight Mission 3.35

The midnight Mission

The deep zone 3.45

The deep zone

The escape 2.50

The escape

The midnight Mission 3.35

The midnight Mission

The last hour 3.30

The last hour

Traces in the sand 3.15

Traces in the sand

Late edition 0.36

Late edition

In the Basement 2.29

In the Basement

Halloween 2.05


Spyman 3.05


The escape 2.50

The escape

Lost & unfound 2.06

Lost & unfound

Shadow man 1.46

Shadow man

Big risk B 1.30

Big risk B

Action Game B 1.25

Action Game B

Liberty B 1.45

Liberty B

Action Game c 1.45

Action Game c

A criminal affair 1.06

A criminal affair

Constant danger 1.1

Constant danger

Fatal attraction 1.07

Fatal attraction

Fear no more 0.36

Fear no more

Counter intelligence 1.58

Counter intelligence

Act of espionage 1.18

Act of espionage

Alert news 0.36

Alert news

Executive power 0.32

Executive power

Hide and seek 0.55

Hide and seek

Impassible 1.01


Intruder 2.02


Predator 1.36


Thriller zone 1.48

Thriller zone

Who’s that man 1.18

Who’s that man

Cyber crime 4.00

Cyber crime

Intifada 2.1


Stars expedition – Battle 1 2.00

Stars expedition – Battle 1

Cornered thrill 1.00

Cornered thrill

Dark sky 1.00

Dark sky

Dark waters 1.00

Dark waters

Criminal element 1.44

Criminal element

Stars expedition – Battle 2 1.20

Stars expedition – Battle 2

High risk 2.08

High risk

College Rock 3.33

College Rock

Impact 1.30


Jihad 1.45


Kill zone 1.54

Kill zone

No allies 1.34

No allies

No trace 2.08

No trace

Pursuit 1.34


The fight 1.22

The fight

The formula 2.02

The formula

The jump 1.20

The jump

Escaping 1.39


Fiction fight 1.00

Fiction fight

Mayday on mars 1.00

Mayday on mars

Rock the future 1.00

Rock the future

Evil act 1.43

Evil act

No way out 0.58

No way out

Risky business 1.15

Risky business

Slowly it creeps 1.00

Slowly it creeps

Stop CP 1.00

Stop CP

Sweeping bass 1.00

Sweeping bass

Wastelands 1.00


Tour de Force 1.07

Tour de Force

Runaway slaves 1.57

Runaway slaves

The fugitive 1.16

The fugitive

Espoir 2.18


Agent X 3.02

Agent X

The chase 2.10

The chase

Atmosfear 3.49


Agent X – Ambient 3.02

Agent X – Ambient

Gold Quest 3.53

Gold Quest

Mystical 3.30


Presumed Guilty 4.07

Presumed Guilty

Untold stories 3.18

Untold stories

Suspicious underscore 3.13

Suspicious underscore

Suspicious 1.16


Under the surface 4.07

Under the surface

NYC revelation 1.47

NYC revelation

Pass over 3.50

Pass over

Ambient fields 3.2

Ambient fields

The day before 2.10

The day before

Ambient fields 3.2

Ambient fields

Pure prairie 2.35

Pure prairie

Ambient fields 3.2

Ambient fields

Action Dark Dramatic Mysterious Suspenseful Horror Determined Tension Anticipation Building Adventure Ominous Eerie Sinister Foreboding Fearful Punchy Thriller Intrigue/Dramedy Production / Film Scores Suspense Adventure / Discovery Suspense / Drama/ Marimba Percussion Mysterious Reflective Suspense Introspective Intrigue Curiosity/ cinematic / orchestral/ Dark Light Mysterious Spooky Suspenseful Suspense Determined Halloween Drama Discovery Investigative Detective Ominous Csi Sneaky
La musique suspense ou thriller est souvent utilisée pour apporter une émotion de peur, d’intrigue ou d’angoisse. Ce genre musical est idéal pour crée des tensions afin que le spectateur se sente mal à l’aise, inquiet et même terrifié. Les musiques de suspense libres de droit sont excellentes pour illustrer ce type d’image.
La musique de suspense est caractérisée par les points suivants :
1) Les crescendos et les grands coups de percussions,
2) La dissonance et l’utilisation de gammes mineures ou des modes sombres,
3) les bruitages et les effets
4) La tension et la libération.