Royalty Free Suspense/Thriller Music

Hollywood Suspenseful orchestral soundtracks primed for your next cinematic action adventure. Perfect for conveying a sense of urgency, danger and big action, these orchetsral tracks go great with chase, manhunt, police dramas, investigative reporting and suspenseful thrillers.

Chilling breath 1.26

Chilling breath

Cold blooded 1.22

Cold blooded

Cold sweat 1.05

Cold sweat

Collateral domage 0.40

Collateral domage

Danger zone 1.00

Danger zone

Dangerous curves 1.15

Dangerous curves

Deranged 0.48


Film noir 1.10

Film noir

Imminent threat 0.36

Imminent threat

Murder on the the train 1.00

Murder on the the train

Sabotage 1.00


Serial killer 0.58

Serial killer

The master of suspense 1.32

The master of suspense

Threat signal 0.49

Threat signal

Vertigo 1.22


War criminal 0.48

War criminal

Amnesia 1.16


The menace 1.30

The menace

The real threat 1.46

The real threat

Twilight mood 1.55

Twilight mood

Warning 2.29