Royalty Free Thriller/Crime/Spy Music

Exclusive selection of royalty free thriller music inspired by Mission impossible and James bond. These scores are the ideal partners to a crime, espionage, detective or investigation scenes. Get that suspensful action thrill

Liberty B 1.45

Liberty B

Action Game c 1.30

Action Game c

A criminal affair 1.06

A criminal affair

Constant danger 1.1

Constant danger

Fatal attraction 1.07

Fatal attraction

Fear no more 0.36

Fear no more

Counter intelligence 1.58

Counter intelligence

Act of espionage 1.18

Act of espionage

Alert news 0.36

Alert news

Executive power 0.32

Executive power

Hide and seek 0.55

Hide and seek

Impassible 1.01


Intruder 2.02


Predator 1.36


Thriller zone 1.48

Thriller zone

Who’s that man 1.18

Who’s that man

Cyber crime 4.00

Cyber crime

Intifada 2.1


Cornered thrill 1.00

Cornered thrill

Dark sky 1.00

Dark sky

Dark waters 1.00

Dark waters

Criminal element 1.44

Criminal element

High risk 2.08

High risk

Impact 1.30


Lethal affair1.45

Lethal affair

Kill zone 1.54

Kill zone

No allies 1.34

No allies

No trace 2.08

No trace

Pursuit 1.34


The fight 1.22

The fight

The formula 2.02

The formula

The jump 1.20

The jump



Fiction fight 1.00

Fiction fight

Mayday on mars 1.00

Mayday on mars

Rock the future 1.00

Rock the future

Evil act 1.43

Evil act

No way out 0.58

No way out

Risky business 1.15

Risky business

Slowly it creeps 1.00

Slowly it creeps

Stop CP 1.00

Stop CP

Sweeping bass 1.00

Sweeping bass

Wastelands 1.00


Tour de Force 1.07

Tour de Force

The fugitive 1.16

The fugitive

Espoir 2.18


Agent X 3.02

Agent X

The chase 2.10

The chase

Atmosfear 3.49


Agent X – Ambient 3.02

Agent X – Ambient

The black wind 3.34

The black wind

Suspicious 1.16


Under the surface 4.07

Under the surface

Gold Quest 3.53

Gold Quest

Mystical 3.30


Presumed Guilty 4.07

Presumed Guilty

Untold stories 3.18

Untold stories

Suspicious underscore 3.13

Suspicious underscore

Suspicious 1.16


Under the surface 4.07

Under the surface