Royalty Free Smooth Jazz Music is a genre that combine pop, funk and jazz styles, This instrumental genre emerged in The ’90s. These music tracks are groovy and funky, ideal for Fashion, comestic and romantic scenes . Get started with this groovy selection of smooth jazz music inspired by George Benson, 3rd Force, Peter White, Boney James

Groove by night 1.50

Groove by night

in the flow 1.26

in the flow

Pier groove 2.25

Pier groove

Seaside drive 2.45

Seaside drive

Trippin rhyhthm 1.25

Trippin rhyhthm

Modern World 2.34

Modern World

Mrs Jones 2.53

Mrs Jones

Steely’s theme 3.3

Steely’s theme

Ben sonic 3.35

Ben sonic

Pretty Baby 3.47

Pretty Baby

Casino 3.15


Stella Maris 2.47

Stella Maris

Confidentiel (piano) 4.25

Confidentiel (piano)

Ultimate Vibe 3.53

Ultimate Vibe

Jazzistic 3.55


Soul Classic 3.05

Soul Classic

A bit of smooth jazz 3.25

A bit of smooth jazz

Ocean of joy ( piano ) 3.40

Ocean of joy ( piano )

Soul city 3.05

Soul city

Barry’s theme 3.55

Barry’s theme

Back in groove 3.34

Back in groove

Sunset groove 3.42

Sunset groove

Groove master 3.33

Groove master

Smooth jazz night 3.1

Smooth jazz night

Jazz reloaded 3.41

Jazz reloaded

Jazzy love 3.28

Jazzy love

Jazzy lounge 4.09

Jazzy lounge

Neo soul 3.24

Neo soul

Soul jazz vibe 3.04

Soul jazz vibe

Sunny sky 3.00

Sunny sky

Freestyle Jazz 3.21

Freestyle Jazz

Jazz station 2.28

Jazz station

Trippin soul 2.54

Trippin soul

Saxy Gtr 2.02

Saxy Gtr

A night in LA 1.40

A night in LA

Jazz Funk train 4.01

Jazz Funk train

Jazz Juice 2.35

Jazz Juice

Toi & moi 5.17

Toi & moi

Jazz city 4.01

Jazz city

Soul Jazz Bros 3.59

Soul Jazz Bros

Summer Jazz 4.39

Summer Jazz

Atlantic city 2.56

Atlantic city

Blackjack 2.39


Germaine 2.28


Bluesy jazz 3.06

Bluesy jazz

Cool night 3.12

Cool night

Corporate vision 2 2.57

Corporate vision 2

Family Business 3.12

Family Business

Mellow Jazz 3.13

Mellow Jazz

Rive Gauche 2 4.00

Rive Gauche 2

Sunset Jazz 2 4.53

Sunset Jazz 2

Delicate love 4.00

Delicate love

Secret Rendez vous 4.00

Secret Rendez vous

Soul Avenue 3.33

Soul Avenue

Sunset jazz 4.21

Sunset jazz

Rive Gauche 3.07

Rive Gauche

Jazz cruise 3.13

Jazz cruise

Uptown Jazz 4.10

Uptown Jazz

Riviera 4.30


Jazz Club 2.44

Jazz Club

Downntown Jazz 3.39

Downntown Jazz

Jazz destination 3.18

Jazz destination

Rive droite 3.10

Rive droite

St Michel 2.44

St Michel

Dr Goodvibes 3.10

Late night

Silky night 3.35

Silky night

Move you 4.30

Move you

Confidentiel (gtr) 4.35

Confidentiel (gtr)

Agent Provocateur 2.50

Agent Provocateur

Irresistible 3.35


Ocean of joy – gtr mix 2.47

Ocean of joy – gtr mix

Neo vogue 3.30

Neo vogue

Ipanema sky 3.30

Ipanema sky

Mr Miles 2.43

Mr Miles

Neo vogue 3.30

Neo vogue

Feed the fire 4.01

Feed the fire

Tutto bene 3.30

Tutto bene

Pacific promenade 2.49

Pacific promenade

Chicago sax 3.35

Chicago sax

Mystic urban 2.53

Mystic urban

Ocean of joy ( Gtr ) 3.40

Ocean of joy ( Gtr )

Soul to soul 3.40

Soul to soul

Martini rosso 1.21

Martini rosso