Royalty Free Soul Music

Remember The Temptations, Barry White, Isaac Hayes, Stevie Wonder…These classic and neo soul music tracks are full of melodic hooks played with fender, guitar, minimoog and other vintage instruments. Infected with old school R&B and 70s funk, combined with today’s hottest grooves, This collection will add dimension to your creative project

Barry’s life 1.07

Barry’s life

Barry’s ballad 0.49

Barry’s ballad

Barry’s groove 0.34

Barry’s groove

Barry’s love 0.45

Barry’s love

Barry’s touch 1.16

Barry’s touch

Beautiful romance 2.56

Beautiful romance

Blissful 1.47


Catch me 2.17

Catch me

Flirtatious 1.36


Funky soul 1.46

Funky soul

Happy romance 2.52

Happy romance

Groovy station 1.43

Groovy station

Hookin up 2.13

Hookin up

Let’s dance baby 2.21

Let’s dance baby

Motown man 2.59

Motown man

My name is Barry 2.40

My name is Barry

Mystic soul 2.04

Mystic soul

Poetic soul 2.11

Poetic soul

Remember Isaac 3.28

Remember Isaac

Secret affair 2.19

Secret affair

Seductive 2.22


Sensuality 2.17


Shadowland 1.48


Soul addict 1.57

Soul addict

Soul cruise 2.38

Soul cruise

Soul gtr 1.55

Soul gtr

Soul passion 2.06

Soul passion

Sultry summer 1.47

Sultry summer

Sweet soul 2.36

Sweet soul

Ben sonic 3.35

Ben sonic