Royalty Free Rock Music

Youthful, Determined, positive and high energy music tracks with powerful gritty rock guitars and killer live drums, excellent for ad campaigns, sports and more.


Classic Rock/ Heavy Metal/Indie Rock/ Pop Rock/ Punk Rock/ Retro-Rock/ Rocktronica/Soft Rock/ Southern RockSurf Rock/Alternative-Grunge/


Rock Energy 4.14

Rock Energy

Live concert 3.11

Live concert

Dominant 3.55


Rock Concert 3.51

Rock Concert

United we stand 4.59

United we stand

Road to victory 4.59

Road to victory

Rock route 3.05

Rock route

Compete for glory 4.58

Compete for glory

Highway 67 3.10

Highway 67

World Champion 2.41

World Champion

College Rock 3.33

College Rock

Breaking free 2.45

Breaking free

Rock revolution 2.18

Rock revolution

Sports Magazine 2.37

Sports Magazine

Positiveness 4.15


Back to school 4.04

Back to school

High school 4.15

High school

Bright Horizons 4.04

Bright Horizons

Campus radio 3.09

Campus radio

Sports international 1.22

Sports international

Red matchbox 2.35

Red matchbox

Kinf of the ring 1.51

King of the ring

Rock angel 3.10

Rock angel

The spy 2.15

The spy

Victorious Rock 2.57

Victorious Rock

Blues force 3.00

Blues force

Confrontation 3.15


Fighting spirit 3.06

Fighting spirit

Mountain rock 2.13

Mountain rock

Texas rock 0.48

Texas rock

Road racing 2.35

road racing

Rockin cat 2.43

Rockin cat

Determination 3.40


Winners 3.50


Performance 3.10


Le Tigre 3.35

Le Tigre

Ambition 3.15


Ambition 2.30


Air Guitar 2.59

Air guitar

Dream team 1.02

Dream team

Active Champion 4.15

Active Champion

No limit 4.30

No limit

Olympic Games 1.45

Olympic Games

Sporting club 1.40

Sporting club

World sports 2.40

World sports

La finale 1.40

La finale

Olympic games 1.02

Olympic games