royalty free alternative rock music for youtube

Royalty Free Alternative Rock Music

Two words: exhilarating and motivating. If you want to drive your projects into even higher gear, adding royalty free indie rock music is a fun and funky way to do it.

The driving rhythm of these rock anthems is the easiest way to energize an action scene. The youthful attitude and quirkiness of ram-packed rock tracks are perfect accompaniment for anything that evokes male stereotypes such as automobile, sports, and energetic content. You can make use of our royalty free rock music to push your projects further, outside of your comfort zone, to suggest a loud and edgy vibe.

No matter what 2.52

No matter what

Rising star 2.20

Rising star

Heavenly angels – – all cuts 0.42

Heavenly angels – all cuts

Serious plan – all cuts 1.11

Serious plan – all cuts

Uplifting force 2.34

Uplifting force

Awake and alive 4.00

Awake and alive

Imagine 4.06


Lead me 3.10

Lead me

Live your life 2.30

Live your life

New creation 5.32

New creation

New creation – mix 2 1.25

New creation – mix 2

United 2.45


Streets of tomorow 2.45

Streets of tomorow

Vision 360 1.55

Vision 360

Land of dreams 2 1.20

Land of dreams 2

Sweet Freedom 2 4.00

Sweet Freedom 2

This heartland 2 1.45

This heartland 2

Celebration day 2 3.06

Celebration day 2

Always with you 2 2.32

Always with you 2

Always with you 3 2.32

Always with you 3

Free like the wind 4.03

Free like the wind

Summer sun 3.59

Summer sun

Real friends 3.17

Real friends

Blue Sky 3.15

Blue Sky

Daylight 3.01


Rock breeze 3.36

Rock breeze

Sun River 3.4

Sun River

Rock Concert 2.51

Rock Concert

Change the world 4.09

Change the world

Something new 2.20

Something new

Modern rock 3.42

Modern rock

Road Racing 2.22

Road Racing

Speedway 2.58


New Start 3.15

New Start

With Pride 3.1

With Pride

Something beautiful 4.06

Something beautiful

This is home 3.47

This is home

Shelter from the storm 4.05

Shelter from the storm

High Hopes 2.13

High Hopes

Into the Sun 1.45

Into the Sun

Life Line 3.25

Life Line

Release me 1.55

Release me

Alternative view 3.48

Alternative view

Let it rain 2.50

Let it rain

New horizon 2.52

New horizon

New life 5.07

New life

Straight ahead 3.33

Straight ahead

Phaze one 2.02

Phaze one

New Start – 90 cut 1.30

New Start – 90 cut

With Pride – 90 sec cut 1.30

With Pride – 90 sec cut

Grunge rock 4.22

Grunge rock

Unplugged 3.46


Le Rock alternatif est un genre musical né au début des années 1980 en opposition aux grands groupes signés sur des majors et dont la musique est souvent plus “commerciale”. Ce terme très utilisé aux États-Unis l’est nettement moins en France, où on lui préfère aujourd’hui le terme rock indépendant.