Royalty Free Religious Christian Music

Classical religious themes and  gospels to modern praise and worship, these uplifting and inspirational tracks are excellent to highlight and accompany prayer groups, worship services and christian weddings. these are great piece. for adding a touch of gentleness or tenderness to your video or event

Tags: religious, christian, worship, prayer, faith Bouncy Gentle Nostalgic Sentimental Solemn Somber Warm Gospel Heartfelt Reminiscent Hymn

A Joyful Chant 2.20

A Joyful Chant

A Mournful Chant 4.00

A Mournful Chant

An Inspirational Chant 4.04

An Inspirational Chant

A night of magic 1.34

A night of magic

Angel flight 1.55

Angel flight

Enchanted Choir 2.10

Enchanted Choir

Magical Fantasy 1.45

Magical Fantasy

Wonderland Voices 1.52

Wonderland Voices

Gregorian choir 1.44

Gregorian choir

Spiritual choir 2.35

Spiritual choir

Gregorian spirit 3.03

Gregorian spirit

Flying high 6.08

Flying high

Kings 1.34


Divertimento 2.30


Kingdom of heaven 2.09

Kingdom of heaven

Queens 0.51


The Choir hope 3.37

The Choir hope

Vox humana 1.24

Vox humana

With you 2.54

With you

A gentle touch 2.11

A gentle touch

Eternal regret 1.36

Eternal regret

Heart of gold 2.18

Heart of gold

Celtic voice 5.25

Celtic voice

Mystic Path 3.15

Mystic Path

Celtic sonata 4.45

Celtic sonata

My endless love 3.20

My endless love