Royalty free Pop songs bright and happy, featuring warm female lead vocals with piano, acoustic guitar, strings and celebratory synths create a gentle and happy mood.

Tags: Vocal Song Piano Bright Calm Earthy Gentle Joyful Light Organic Reflective Sentimental Warm Sunshine Family Home Emotion Building Dreams Satisfied Content Carefree Sunrise

I can reach you 4.00

I can reach you

Just breathe 3.40

Just breathe

Wonders of the world 2 1.20

Wonders of the world 2

Lucky charme 3.52

Lucky charme

Sweet Summer – B 1.32

Sweet Summer – B

Sweet Summer – acoustic mix 1.32

Sweet Summer – acoustic mix

Perfect Sky 3.04

Perfect Sky

No worries 1.41

No worries

Invention 3.02


Cool ride 2.55

Cool ride

Full bloom 2.07

Full bloom

Pleasures 2.22


Pleasures ( solo trompette ) 1.38

Pleasures ( solo trompette )

Sweet Summer – A 1.32

Sweet Summer – A

Emotional day 3.4

Emotional day

Seconf life 3.14

Seconf life

Homeless 2.55


In the air 3.24

In the air

Acoustic song 3.19

Acoustic song

The summer wind 3.22

The summer wind

Remember Carole 3.52

Remember Carole

Some change 3.42

Some change

A little crush 3.55

A little crush

Hope is light 3.36

Hope is light

I will remember you 3.04

I will remember you

The hope song 3.14

The hope song

A quiet place 3.12

A quiet place

At the lake 3.5

At the lake

Spring light 3.26

Spring light

Beautiful life 3.32

Beautiful life

Turning point 3.34

Turning point

No compromise 2.33

No compromise

Intruders 3.53


Toward the light 4.10

Toward the light

Discouraged 3.35


Hidden heart 3.19

Hidden heart

Turning point 3.34

Turning point

Intrigue 4.00


Invisible tears 3.16

Invisible tears

Lonely avenue 4.22

Lonely avenue

Mellow piano 3.22

Mellow piano

Reflective moments 4.06

Reflective moments 4.06

Roses of memory 3.57

Roses of memory

My sweet love 4.07

My sweet love