royalty free pop music

Royalty free pop music is generally labeled as young, energetic, refreshing, urban and trendy. This music is suited for a range of high fashion contents directed towards a youthful audience.

Inspiring and building, featuring modern synth sounds, bright piano and a groovy rhythm that creates a positive and confident mood

Fields of Gold 4.54
Fields of Gold
Cool day 3.4
Cool day
Campus life 3.57
Campus life
Back to school 4.04
Back to school
Perfection 2.38
Unexpected thougts 4.53
Unexpected thougts
Red matchbox 2.35
Red matchbox
Frat party 3.01
Frat party
Youngsters 1.51
Summer days 2.43
Summer days
Coconut groove 2.55
Coconut groove
On my mind 3.32
On my mind
Wild west Guitar 3.10
Wild west Guitar
Warm play 3.19
Warm play
New idol 2.34
New idol
Real connection 3.31
Real connection
Conviction 2.26
Happy birthday 4.15
Happy birthday
Rainy day 2.38
Rainy day
8th Avenue 1.51
8th Avenue
Carry me 2.46
Carry me
Daydream 1.23
Jungle beat 0.53
Jungle beat
Tropical island 3.29
Tropical island
Midnight 2.59
On my way 2.29
On my way
Open road 2.29
Open road
Wishful days 2.31
Wishful days
Winners 3.50
Ambition 3.15
Big red moon 2.54
Big red moon
Tomorow 0.59
A night in LA 1.40
A night in LA
West coast groove 2.10
West coast groove
Liquid journey 4.15
Liquid journey
Happy birthday 4.15
Happy birthday