royalty free pop music

Royalty Free Pop Music

Royalty free pop music is generally labeled as young, energetic, refreshing, urban and trendy. This music is suited for a range of high fashion contents directed towards a youthful audience. Music featuring drums, synth tabs, bass and catchy melodic lines evoke the energy and the aspirations of teens. The energy, rhythm, and the drive of royalty free pop music is an impeccable choice for happy materials that would appeal to a younger audience. It would also carry the character and the dreams of the youth.

Sweet Summer-A 1.32
Perfect Sky 3.04
Perfect Sky
Business Intelligence 2.33
Business Intelligence
Passion for excellence 1.45
Passion for excellence
Final victory 4.30
Final victory
The Big escape 2.46
The Big escape
3D Vision 1.58
3D Vision
Focus on excellence 3.40
Focus on excellence
Mustang 3.55
On tour 2.52
On tour
Positive Attitude 3.46
Positive Attitude
Daylight 3.01
Rock breeze 3.36
Rock breeze
Sun River 3.4
Sun River
Mustang 3.55
Rock Sound2 2.56
Rock Sound2
New Breeze 3.12
New Breeze
Real friends 3.17
Real friends
Carefree song 3.12
Carefree song
Free Spirit 3.10
Free Spirit
Freedom of life 4.30
Freedom of life
Riviera coast highway 1.58
Riviera coast highway
The first day 2.28
The first day
Bliss 1.38
Bright light – light version 3.08
Bright light – light version
Day of joy 3.12
Day of joy
River of stars 3.40
River of stars
Change the world 4.09
Change the world
Something new 2.20
Something new
Modern rock 3.42
Modern rock
Acoustic groove 4.26
Acoustic groove
Moving forward 3.48
Moving forward
Positive & Cool
Positive & Cool
A New day 4.40
A New day
Open roads 3.48
Open roads
Light of Freedom 3.06
Light of Freedom
Spring day 3.23
Spring day
Desert sky 3.20
Desert sky
Open skies 3.09
Open skies
Acoustic drum 4.16
Acoustic drum
Freedom 4.03
Bright Horizons 4.04
Bright Horizons
Alliance 4.12
Rock sound 3.54
Rock sound
A perfect world 3.37
A perfect world
Rock star 2.50
Rock star
Strategic 4.05
Rock band 2.21
Rock band
Blue stripes 3.54
Blue stripes
Motivator 2.21
Positiveness 4.15
College rock 3.33
Live concert 3.11
Leader 3.58
Rock angel 3.10
High school 4.15
Suv 3.04
Confidence 4.02
Pulsion 2.49
Amazing kiss 4.10