royalty free new age relaxation music

Royalty Free New Age Relaxation Music

Royalty free New Age Relaxation music is a genre in itself, it is mainly used to help you relax each day. These bright and dreamy compositions offer you an extraordinary  moment of pure relaxation and travel. Mediation and relaxation are heavily used to face the daily stress of a hectic life of the modern world we live in.

It is anti-stress therapy that will comfort you to sleep better, study, read , practice yoga, reiki, spirituality , taichi … Adopt a Zen attitude with these uplifting and peaceful relaxation/meditation music tracks. Ideal for Nature, Innocence, Stories of confidence and Hope

La flute magique 1.59

La flute magique

Touching Fantasy 1.52

Touching Fantasy

Cosmic dream 2.13

Cosmic dream

Emotional 2.05


Peaceful flute 2.17

Peaceful flute

Enchantment 3.31


Fairy Tale 3.25

Fairy Tale

Grand Canyon 3.16

Grand Canyon

Journey to the far east 3.39

Journey to the far east

My first Kaddish 3.39

My first Kaddish

Sorrowful 3.24


Lailatov 3.08


Midnight sky 3.10

Midnight sky

Painted desert 3.38

Painted desert

Sacred nature 3.08

Sacred nature

True spirit 4.24

True spirit

Wild beauty 3.38

Wild beauty

Desert journey 4.26

Desert journey

Asian reflection 4.25

Asian reflection

Explorer 4.31


Rising sun 4.50

Rising sun

Ethereal Harp 3.39

Ethereal Harp

Mystic Path 3.15

Mystic Path

Kinnereth Moon 2.31

Kinnereth Moon

L’étoile bleue 3.31

L’étoile bleue

Voyager 3.40


Angel Dream 3.19

Angel Dream

Rhapsody in Bloom 3.38

Rhapsody in Bloom

Ethnic journey 5.02

Ethnic journey

Lady shine 3.30

Lady shine

Nouveau rêve 4.08

Nouveau rêve

Sky quest 5.15

Sky quest

EXplore 4.15


Timeless love 3.35

Timeless love

Woman 4.40


Dream flight 3.15

Dream flight

Emerging Markets 3.23

Emerging Markets

Focus & Strenght 3.26

Focus & Strenght

Inspiring 3.42


Main Goals 3.51

Main Goals

New biz 3.52

New biz

New tomorow 3.34

New tomorow

Ballerine 3.47


True colours 3.23

True colours

Unforgettable 4.00


New age 3 0.44

New age 3

Fantastique world 2.08

Fantastique world

River of strings 3.51

River of strings

Starlight 3.21


Zen 3.09


Full moon 4.15

Full moon

Let’s imagine 5.20

Let’s imagine

Trippin romance 4.04

Trippin romance

Riviera 4.30


New world 4.20

New world

New world 3.45

New world

Natural wonder 3.40

Natural wondert

The miracle of love 4.20

The miracle of love

Celtic sonata 4.45

Celtic sonata

Pictures from India 4.48

Pictures from India

Choctaw nation 5.05

Choctaw nation

European beauty 4.22

European beauty

Celtic voice 5.25

Celtic voice

Glory story 4.35

Glory story

Cool man 2.47

Cool man

Pacific promenade 2.49

Pacific promenade

Amazing kiss 4.12

Amazing kiss

A part of you 4.40

A part of you

Back home 2.50

Back home

Love reality 3.50

Love reality

Back home 2.22

Back home

New age 1 4.23

New age 1

Memories 3.05


Ghost house 5.38

Ghost house

The treasure valley 1.47

The treasure valley

The blessed one 2.13

The blessed one

Noble men 1.32

Noble men

The sacrifice 2.19

The sacrifice

Papillon 3.40


Mademoiselle 3.59


Fantastique world 2.08

Fantastique world

Air of solitude 3.35

Air of solitude

River of strings 3.51

River of strings

Heights of Happiness 3.15

Heights of Happiness

Ocean of Wisdom 3.26

Ocean of Wisdom

Heights of Happiness 3.15

Heights of Happiness

Exodus 1.51


Incredible India 3.26

Incredible India

Exploring Asia 3.07

Exploring Asia

Deep vision 4.45

Deep vision

The eyes of an angel 3.42

The eyes of an angel

Autumn by the lake 2.32

Autumn by the lake

Magical Journey 2.28

Magical Journey

Springtime in my heart 2.34

Springtime in my heart

Springtime in my heart 2.34

Springtime in my heart

Tears and wishpers 2.36

Tears and wishpers

Springtime in my heart 2.34

Springtime in my heart

Springtime in my heart 2.34

Springtime in my heart

Ambient Human Drama New Age Production / Film Scores/ Gentle / Light Relaxation / Meditation Romantic / Sentimental Sad / Nostalgic/ Electric guitar Synthesizer/ Dreamy Floating Solemn Soothing Ambient Atmospheric Introspecitve/ sleep better/ study/ read/ practice yoga/ reiki/ spirituality/ taichi/ zen, peaceful/relaxation/meditation/ Nature, Innocence/