Royalty Free Middle Estern Music

Quarter tones, uplifting melodies native rhythms – Step into the culture of the Middle East. Add high impact to your nex project with these epically crafted royalty free middle eastern music and bring your motion picture to life –

Cinematic pieces with a 3d scenery. a unique blend of modern sounds and ethnic instruments such as Violin ud, percussions, ney, duduk, ethnic vocal. haunting, ethereal, evocative . Using the ud as a solo melodic voice, Ideal for adventure, mystery, documentary, middle east realted media.

Music from: Irak, Syria, kurdistan, arménia, turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Arab, Magreb, Marocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Qatar,  Azerbadjan

Abraham’s Journey – Full Score 3.00

Abraham’s Journey – Full Score

Abraham’s Journey – Light Score 3.00

Abraham’s Journey – Light Score

Arabian Chillout 1.58

Arabian Chillout

Jehosheba ( no vocal ) 2.22

Jehosheba ( no vocal )

Jehosheba 2.22


Middle east journey 3.00

Middle east journey

So called Arab Spring – Percu Mix 2.10

So called Arab Spring – Percu Mix

So called Arab Spring 3.36

So called Arab Spring

Angel dance 3.46

Angel dance

Armenia 2.12


Belly dance 3.22

Belly dance

Kurdistan 2.10


World dance 3.20

World dance

A day in Jerusalem 2.38

A day in Jerusalem

Jewish Fiddler 3.32

Jewish Fiddler

Judean Hills 3.55

Judean Hills

Klezmer Soul 3.36

Klezmer Soul

Middle eastern prayer 2.38

Middle eastern prayer

Middle eastern violin 1.55

Middle eastern violin

Middle eastern voice 2.25

Middle eastern voice

The Aramean Oud 3.16

The Aramean Oud

The Dead sea scrolls 2.32

The Dead sea scrolls

Biblical source 2.28

Biblical source

Desert journey 4.26

Desert journey

Bedouin dance 2.01

Bedouin dance

Abraham’s Journey – Full Score 3.00

Abraham’s Journey – Full Score

Dunes 3.20


Berber Groove 3.24

Berber Groove

Alibaba 1.42


Yaala Yaala 3.17

Yaala Yaala

Desert queen 4.17

Desert queen

Desert Rose ( avec vocal ) 2.37

Desert Rose ( avec vocal )

Endless dunes 2.25

Endless dunes

Mizrahi party 3.15

Mizrahi party

Ashdod 3.08


Ashkelon 2.50


Bersheva 3.32


Ethiopian Adventure 2.55

Ethiopian Adventure

From grain to glass 3.10

From grain to glass

Semitic Jazz 1.38

Semitic Jazz

Intifada 2.1


Drum & bass 9 2.35

Drum & bass 9

Danse orientale 1.48

Danse orientale

Desert Rose ( sans vocal ) 2.37

Desert Rose ( sans vocal )

Arabic Dance 3.51

Arabic Dance

Heaven’s tears 3.45

Heaven’s tears

Haifa 3.30


Naharya 3.00


Tiberias 3.30


Turkish lokum 2.22

Turkish lokum

Belly dancer 3.03

Belly dancer

Escale 1.31


Kabbala 3.51


Inside The Middle east 4.27

Inside The Middle east

Joseph 4.49


Abraham’s Journey – Full Score 3.00

Abraham’s Journey – Full Score

Middle eastern Diva 4.26

Middle eastern Diva