Royalty free lounge music. Floating and relax tunes evoking exotic travel and cool relaxation in a hotel bar, café, holidays. From smooth jazz grooves to chillout electronic These music tracks will transport you to peaceful places.

Tags: Ambient Chill Out Electronic/ Fashion / Lifestyle Sexy / Sensual Underscores Synthesizer/ Dreamy Floating Reflective Relaxing Romantic Smooth Soothing Warm Vacation Atmospheric Breezy Chill Luxury Romance Seduction Sultry After hours
Casino 3.15


Modern world 2.34

Modern world

The Essential Quest 3.24

The Essential Quest

Red sea lounge 3.24

Red sea lounge

Weekend in Paris 1.55

Weekend in Paris

Incredible View 3.22

Incredible View

The right decision 3.28

The right decision

Brazilia lounge 2.33

Brazilia lounge

Eilat Lounge 2.34

Eilat Lounge

Incredible View 3.22

Incredible View

So beautiful 3.18

So beautiful

Chill out pool 4.06

Chill out pool

The Garden of Eden 5.01

The Garden of Eden

Vital Fantasy 3.12

Vital Fantasy

Black glasses 3.06

Black glasses

Blue water 2.30

Blue water

The Amber light 2.37

The Amber light

The Big day 3.33

The Big day

Pier 9 3.33

Pier 9

Le Destin 3.44

Le Destin

Modern world 2.34

Modern world

City lights 3.03

City lights

Cocoon Beach 2.40

Cocoon Beach

French Kiss 2.34

French Kiss

In the pool 2.05

In the pool

City lights 3.03

City lights

Lounge sessions 1.55

Lounge sessions

Lune de Miel 3.12

Lune de Miel

Buone Vacanze 2.43

Buone Vacanze

Passion fruit 2.35

Passion fruit

Perfect Match 2.29

Perfect Match

Rimini 2.29


Total lounge 2.40

Total lounge

Rio beach 2.34

Rio beach

Brazilian drink 2.5

Brazilian drink

Sunny day 2.30

Sunny day

Summer Skies 3.25

Summer Skies

Echoes 3.47


Promises 3.49


American princess 2.27

American princess

Mystical 3.30


Smiles 3.09


Sahara 3.53


Insolite 3.18


Asian lounge 2.41

Asian lounge

Bahamas 2.45


Cool gravity 3.16

Cool gravity

Expresso love 3.15

Expresso love

Latino lounge 2.48

Latino lounge

Paris by night 3.01

Paris by night

Velvet 2.03


Havana Lounge 2.51

Havana Lounge

Erotica 2.27


Bombay hustle 2.10

Bombay hustle

Follow the sun 2.12

Follow the sun

Fools paradise 2.09

Fools paradise

Happy go lucky 2.15

Happy go lucky

Piano rain 2.05

Piano rain

Sky fly 2.09

Sky fly

Strange club 2.09

Strange club

Touch the sky 2.26

Touch the sky

Paris by night 3.01

Paris by night

Velvet 2.03


Fashion lounge 2.15

Fashion lounge

Night express 2.25

Night express

Night metrpolis 2.01

Night metrpolis

Tranquility 2.00


Transfix 3.16


La musique lounge est un genre musical à part entière.  Ce style fait référence à la musique diffusée dans les cafés branchés, les bars, les salons, les hôtels, les casinos, les spas, et les pianos bars, elle est cool et relaxante. C’est la version branchée de la easy listening music né aux USA. La musique lounge est surtout liée aux musiques électroniques avec des tempos lents généralement en dessous les 90 bpm