Royalty Free Latin Music fueled with spicy sounds from cuba and latin america.

From Salsa to tango, they reflect the sunny beach rhythms and holidays in the carribean islands and latin america. Rhythmic, exotic or Sultry, these tracks are filled with Latin feel. 

Salsa libre 1.01

Salsa libre

Ipanema sky 3.30

Ipanema sky

Rio beach 2.34

Rio beach

Brazilia lounge

Brazilia lounge

Miami salsa 2.50

Miami salsa

Brazilia lounge 2.33

Brazilia lounge

New York salsa 2.34

New York salsa

Tel Aviv Café 1.22

Tel Aviv Café

Ballon d’or 2.43

Ballon d’or

Pianistic Salsa 3.20

Pianistic Salsa

Brazilian drink 2.5

Brazilian drink

Sunny day 2.30

Sunny day

Viva la Copa 3.11

Viva la Copa

Funka Salsa 2.26

Funka Salsa

Havana Lounge 2.51

Havana Lounge

Panama 2.30


Tequila Sunset 1.42

Tequila Sunset

Havana Lounge 2.51

Havana Lounge

Nuit Andalouse 0.49

Nuit Andalouse

Mambo Montmartre 1.22

Mambo Montmartre

Mambo N°1 – 1.17

Mambo N°1r

Tropical island 3.29

Tropical island

Salsa club 2.27

Salsa club

Sports fever 1.00

Sports fever

Salsa club 2.27

Salsa club

Samba Star 3.25

Samba Star

Bahamas 2.45


Riviera 4.30


Copa beach 3.28

Copa beach

Bahia girl 4.25

Bahia girl

Nostalgia 3.17


Hot chili salsa 3.30

Hot chili salsa

Sweet day 4.42

Sweet day

Babrazil 3.46


Promenade 2.50


Liquid journey 4.10

Liquid journey

Pacific promenade 2.49

Pacific promenade

Tel Aviv nights 2.49

Tel Aviv nights

Sweet samba 2.30

Sweet samba

Sauce 2.20


Deserd wind 3.35

Deserd wind

Guggle 2.30


Zazaie 3.21


Sauce 2.20