Royalty Free Island Tropical Music

This is an absolutely perfect fit for those who are creating a video about the tropics, or for an airline’s hold line.  If you want to get in the mood for your vacation, or make your time at the spa a bit more fun, this is the perfect kind of music to get you in the right mood.  There are all sorts of fantastic vibes and feels so that you can get the right blend for you. these tracks are Bright and magical, featuring bouncy ukulele and an Island groove that creates a playful, happy and carefree mood-Consider this as background music for your workout, too.  It’ll send you sunny thoughts. 

A cool day 2.25

A cool day

Calypso dance 2.12

Calypso dance

Hawaian moon 3.20

Hawaian moon

Hawaian sunset 3.5

Hawaian sunset

I’m yours 3.32

I’m yours

Life is wonderful – cut 50 0.50

Life is wonderful – cut 50

Life is wonderful – cut 60 1.00

Life is wonderful – cut 60

Life is wonderful 2.55

Life is wonderful

Lucky 2.24


One step beyond 2.00

One step beyond

Pacific nights 3.5

Pacific nights

Polynesian dream 3.00

Polynesian dream

Rainbow song – cut 55 0.55

Rainbow song – cut 55

Rainbow song 2.22

Rainbow song

Township 2.32


Township 2 2.32

Another Try ( Vocal )


ukulele acoustic guitar island tropical happy Cheerful Joyful Vacation Feel-good Children Satisfied Carefree/ Island Pop World / Worldbeat/ Feel Good Gentle / Light Happy / Cheerful/ Marimba

La musique des îles est une famille regroupant de multiples genres musicaux tels que soca, salsa, calypso, le reggae, ragga, dancehall, compas, le zouk, la musique tropicale, antillaise, caraibes, haïtienne, mauricienne, réunionaise, polynésienne, Hawaienne, etc.