royalty free irish celtic music

Royalty free celtic music

Beautifully recorded celtic tunes featutring traditional celtic instruments such as irish flute, bagpipe, fiddle and more. These bright and acoustic music tracks have beautiful melodies that depict the natural landscapes of Ireland

Irish dance 2.18

Irish dance

Irish fair 2.14

Irish fair

Irish scenery 3.31

Irish scenery

Kilkenny 2.58


Natural Ireland 2.59

Natural Ireland

Castles of Ireland 2.37

Castles of Ireland

Cliffs of Moher 1.05

Cliffs of Moher

Irish Soul 1.58

Irish Soul

Irish Tales 2.15

Irish Tales

Kinsale 1.55


Lakes of Killarney 2.30

Lakes of Killarney

Beautiful Scotland 2.02

Beautiful Scotland

Celtic ballad 2 1.49

Celtic ballad 2

Celtic Oddissey 2.32

Celtic Oddissey

Celtic Journey 2 1.20

Celtic Journey 2

Celtic Tales 2.18

Celtic Tales

Glendalough 2.18


Going to Ireland 1.51

Going to Ireland

Irish festival 2.18

Irish festival

On the Run 1.35

On the Run

Pictures of Ireland 2.24

Pictures of Ireland

Purple Mountain 2.24

Purple Mountain

Road to Dublin 2.32

Road to Dublin

The book of Kells 2.38

The book of Kells

The Burren 1.20

The Burren

The Giant’s Causeway 1.43

The Giant’s Causeway

The hill of Tara 2.15

The hill of Tara

Irish Gigue 1.25

Irish Gigue

Irish Parade 1.57

Irish Parade

Irish Bouzouki 0.56

Irish Bouzouki

Irish Pub 2.01

Irish Pub

The Shamrock 1.32

The Shamrock

Serenity 2.39


The Jezreel Valley 1.25

The Jezreel Valley

The ring of Kerry 1.41

The ring of Kerry

The Shannon Rose 2.02

The Shannon Rose

The land of magic 1.44

The land of magic

The town of Sligo 1.55

The town of Sligo

The banks of the Boyne 2.14

The banks of the Boyne

Rising sun 4.50

Rising sun

Ethereal Harp 3.39

Ethereal Harp

Mystic Path 3.15

Mystic Path

Kinnereth Moon 2.31

Kinnereth Moon

L’étoile bleue 3.31

L’étoile bleue

Celtic ballad 2.04

Celtic ballad

Celtic drums 2.17

Celtic drums

Acoustic journey 3.17

Acoustic journey

Retrospective 3.32


Crossroads 3.20


Returning 3.49


St Patrick 2.36

St Patrick

Terre d’irlande 1.22

Terre d’irlande

Celtic sonata 4.45

Celtic sonata

Celtic tune 2.25

Celtic tune

Celtic voice 5.25

Celtic voice

Pure prairie 1.27

Pure prairie

Back home 1.58

Pure prairie