Royalty Free House Music

From Euro Dance to soulful deep house, these groovy beats and catchy synth hooks are bound to make you move your body
Born This way 2.32

Born This way

Cascada 4.23


Chart breaker 3.05

Chart breaker

Club music 3.30

Club music

Dance club 3.00

Dance club

Euro dance club 3.25

Euro dance club

Euro dance hit 3.25

Euro dance hit

Euro dance radio 3.16

Euro dance radio

Euro dance star 3.12

Euro dance star

Euro NRG 3.18

Euro NRG

Gaga move 4.20

Gaga move

Gaga vision 4.20

Gaga vision

Hands up 3.25

Hands up

Just dance 2.48

Just dance

Katy’s dance 3.22

Katy’s dance

Little monster 3.15

Little monster

I can reach you 4.00

I can reach you

I’m free 3.25

I’m free

In style again 3.08

In style again

Miniature world 3.20

Miniature world

Moonlight dance 3.30

Moonlight dance

Myroom 5 3.16

Myroom 5

paparazzi dance 3.32

paparazzi dance

Onion tears 4.30

Onion tears

Funky drive 3.28

Funky drive

Funky scat 3.06

Funky scat

Funlie zombie 1.45

Funlie zombie

Retro funk 2.54

Retro funk

Sexy model 1.36

Sexy model

Soul food 2.08

Soul food

Soul touch 3.10

Soul touch

Strip poker 3.12

Strip poker

Tape machine 2.10

Tape machine

Velvet rain 4.20

Velvet rain

Vintage funk 3.25

Vintage funk

Morning breeze 2.20

Morning breeze

rainbow sky

rainbow sky

Rasta whistle 3.40

Rasta whistle

Child smile 2.45

Child smile

Free to fly 2.08

Free to fly

Free to fly – mix 2 2.08

Free to fly – mix 2

Free to fly – Mix 3 2.08

Free to fly – Mix 3

By heart 2.30

By heart

Enchanted world 3.38

Enchanted world

Fallen Hero 2.22

Fallen Hero

Little Joy 2.05

Little Joy