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Royalty Free Happy Pop Music

There’s nothing wrong with being happy right?  There are all sorts of uplifting and toe tapping songs to look at here, making them great options for music in the car, on the bus, in the elevator, etc.

There’s no where that this music wouldn’t be welcome (except maybe a funeral home), and it will really impress you with how quickly it boosts your attention span as well as your moods.  Sending you happy thoughts, this is a great genre to consider. these Bouncy, Bright and Joyful tracks will surely bring optimism and sunshine to your projects. So, if you need positive and carefree tracks, this selection is yours. Excellent for advertising, commercials and more

Car in action 1.04

Car in action

Clear 2.32


Elevate 1.56


Elevate the world 2.30

Elevate the world

Fear 2.14


Flying high 2.30

Flyi high

Formula 1 2.13

Formula 1

Ghost zone 2.30

Ghost zone

Happy (vocal) 2.16

Happy (vocal)

Ideal 2.12


Inspire 2.20


Inspired moments 2.09

Inspired moments

Life is beautiful (vocal) 2.30

Life is beautiful (vocal)

Live your dreams 2.55

Live your dreams

Look out now (vocal) 2.42

Look out now (vocal)

Maple road 2.42

Maple road

Motosports 2.12


Pole position 1.45

Pole position

Super game show 3.16

Super game show

Unpredictable 1.24


Wings to fly 2.24

Wings to fly

All or nothing 1.33

All or nothing

Along the way 1.20

Along the way

Big moment 2.35

Big moment

Driven 2.50


Glam rock 2.02

Glam rock

Glorious day 2.04

Glorious day

Great evolution 2.06

Greta evolution

It’s all around 2.34

It’s all around

Light rock 1.50

Light rock

Like home 1.03

Like home

New motion 2.50

New motion

Pulsing days 1.33

Pulsing days

Push it 1.02

Push it

Rock the world 1.22

Rock the world

Solaris 2.02


Visionary 1.44


Your chance 2.20

Your chance

Upbeat bright cheerful enthusiastic moodAudio Logos Bubblegum Indie Pop Pop
Feel Good Happy / Bouncy /Earthy Joyful/ Organic/ Playful/ Warm Sunshine/ Family/ Feel-good Home Breezy Sparkly Dreams/ Satisfied/ Content/ Carefree/ Good-times/ Sunrise

Voici une collection de musiques joyeuses et positives. les arrangements de ces morceaux sont orientés pop rock et les instruments comme les guitares, la basse, la batterie, le glockenspiel et les strings rendent ces musiques très tendances. La musique pop est le genre le plus accessible au plus large public. Mettez un zest de bonne humeur dans votre production et captez les ondes positives grace à ses musiques joyeuses et entraînantes.

Tags: Joyeux, insouciant, confiant, jovial, festif, dynamique, positif, exaltant, inspirant