Royalty Free Gypsy Music

Gypsy jazz was born in the 30s in France, this genre was inspired by the music of the East and the Jewish Klezmer music . The forerunners of this style, Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli are the few French musicians recognized in the United States . they changed jazz with a very original touch known as Jazz Manouche . Royalty Free gypsy Music with original pieces inspired by the legendary Django reinhardt –  Upbeat and bright, featuring a Klezmer style clarinet, accordion, walking bass, and violin that create joy and sadness

Tags(s) : Django reinhardt/ Gypsy music, swing bebop/ Bright Energetic Joyful Feel good Upbeat Fun Gypsy 

Dixieland Jazz/ Feel Good Happy / Cheerful/ Acoustic guitar/ Jazz manouche

Django for Swing 1.55

Django for Swing

Gypsy caravan 2.44

Gypsy caravan

Nouveau Django 1.50

Nouveau Django

Go Django 1.45

Go Django

American Detective 2.20

American Detective

Back to Vegas 3.32

Back to Vegas

Brooklyn Swing 1.50

Brooklyn Swing

Call me – Ac gtr 3.26

Call me – Ac gtr

Call me – Elec gtr 3.26

Call me – Elec gtr

Cool Jazz Club 1.52

Cool Jazz Club

I’ll be around – Ac gtr 3.26

I’ll be around – Ac gtr

Easy shopping 1.56

Easy shopping

I’ll be around – Elec gtr 3.26

I’ll be around – Elec gtr

TV Shopping 3.48

TV Shopping

Valse Manouche 2.02

Valse Manouche

Django’s impro 2.17

Django’s impro

Django Blues 2.39

Django Blues

Touche Manouche 1.56

Touche Manouche

Django swing 1.39

Django swing

Le jazz manouche voit le jour dans les années 30 en France, il s’inspire des musiques de l’est et de la musique juive Klezmer. Les précursseurs de ce style, Django Reinhardt et stephane Grapelli sont les rares musiciens Francais reconnus aux états unis. ils ont fait évoluer le jazz avec une touche particulèrement originale.