Royalty Free Flamenco Music

Flamenco is a musical genre born in Andalusia with Moorish gypsy cultures. Flamenco music is played by virtuoso guitarists like Paco de lucia, Jesse Cook, Vicente Amigo, Yasmin Levy, Yechiel Hasson

These royalty free flamenco music tracks features acoustic guitars that create a passionate feeling


Gyspsy/Flamenco/ Latin Spanish / Flamenco/ Gentle / Light Romantic / Sentimental Sexy / Sensual/ Flamenco guitar/ Bold/Earthy/ Exotic/ Passionate/ Beauty/Breezy/ Romance/ Desire/

Acapulco nights 2.43

Acapulco nights

Andalucian nights 3.35

Andalucian nights

Angelina 3.20


Back to Flamenco 2.34

Back to Flamenco

El Paso 2.18

El Paso

Fiesta Latina 3.35

Fiesta Latina

Flamenco lament vocal 4.37

Flamenco lament vocal

Flamenco lament instru 4.37

Flamenco lament instru

Flamenco Romantico 4.01

Flamenco Romantico

Fuego Flamenco 2.17

Fuego Flamenco

Gypsy dance 2.49

Gypsy dance

Gypsy flame 3.35

Gypsy flame

Gypsy nights 3.19

Gypsy nights

Gypsy queen 3.01

Gypsy queen

Mexican café 3.06

Mexican café

Mexican Honeymoon 3.35

Mexican Honeymoon

Mexican Rumba 2.41

Mexican Rumba

Nouveau Gitano 3.37

Nouveau Gitano

Tex Mex Gringos 2.13

Tex Mex Gringos

Fiesta del Sur 3.21

Fiesta del Sur

Betrayed 3.45


Dancing waves 4.17

Dancing waves

Sea eagle 3.32

Sea eagle

Sorry about that 4.18

Sorry about that

Spy me 3.38

Spy me

Swaying Hammock 4.13

Swaying Hammock

Tarantula 3.31


The last journey 3.28

The last journey

Waiting for your call 3.34

Waiting for your call

Perpetual moves 2.30

Perpetual moves