Royalty Free Music for Television

While not many people are aware of the role that background music plays in video/films/documentaries and tutorials, this genre will really open your eyes to how it all works.  You have a better chance of absorbing what you’re learning if the right soundtrack is playing in the background.  It needs to be serious but still engaging so that it’s not distracting.  You can take a look through all of the options so that you find the perfect one for your message.

3D Fantasy 3.08
3D Fantasy
Almond eyes 1.58
Almond eyes
Anywhere you go 2.52
Anywhere you go
Brave soul 2.00
Brave soul
Coded memory 2.55
Coded memory
Dream files 2.55
Dream files
Far away 3.24
Far away
Land of beauty 3.40
Land of beauty
Air Train 2.22
Air Train
Brave trip 3.20
Brave trip
Business as usual 3.20
Business as usual
Chinese Journey 2.40
Chinese Journey
Ghost town 2.50
Ghost town
Global view 3.02
Global view
Management 2.43
Modern traveler 3.00
Modern traveler
Neo Geo 1.45
Neo Ge
Private loft 2.52
Private loft
Sands of time 2.10
Sands of time
The calling 3.36
The calling
The earth 2.58
The earth
The final day 2.58
The final day
The last hero 2.30
The last hero
The usual suspects 3.40
The usual suspects
New discovery 3.14
New discovery
New source 3.00
New source
Optimistic 3.15
Outsider 3.04
Partnership 2.50
Phantom 3.45
Smart traveler 2.50
Smart traveler
Voyage 2.48