Royalty Free Fantasy Music

Royalty free fantasy music is a great backdrop to telling the little ones a bedtime story, to a backing track for your important book report that is all about fantasy and magic, this is a great genre.

Fantasy music is ideal for encouraging the imagination to run wild and enjoy the images and thoughts that come to mind.  With little melodies filled with enchantment, you’ll love to see all of the images that this kind of music brings to front of your mind.  It’ll be another scene from Harry Potter.

Let your creative imagination fly into a world of pure fantasy, tales and mistery – You have a challenging project as a film, a video or even a video game based on a story or a fairy tale princess . Look no further, this page is yours. The Orchestrations are elegant and sublime, they are highlghted by a catchy theme. The pieces involve the entire orchestral palette of a philharmonic orchestra. emotional side , the melodies are touching and majestic , they can serve as an opening for an epic fantasy or adventure . The arrangements are in line with Hollywood blockbusters like Final Fantasy , The chronicles of Narnia and Harry potter…

Heroic fantasy 1 1.56

Heroic fantasy 1

Heroic fantasy 2 1.56

Heroic fantasy 2

My secret love 1.38

My secret love

Romantic Fanatsy 2.10

Romantic Fanatsy

Forest of secrets 2.38

Forest of secrets

Tears of Hope 2.54

Tears of Hope

The Legend of Lea 2.28

The Legend of Lea

The Story of Esther 2.55

The Story of Esther

Heroic fantasy 1 – drums 1.56

Heroic fantasy 1 – drums

Heroic fantasy 2 – drums 1.56

Heroic fantasy 2 – drums

My secret love ( Orchestral drums ) 1.38

My secret love ( Orchestral drums )

Romantic Fantasy ( Orchestral drums 2 ) 2.10

Romantic Fantasy ( Orchestral drums 2 )

Romantic Fantasy ( Orchestral drums ) 2.10

Romantic Fantasy ( Orchestral drums )

Eternal Hero 2.38

Eternal Hero

Eternal Hero – cut 1 0.57

Eternal Hero – cut 1

Romantic Fanatsy 2.10

Romantic Fanatsy

Eternal Hero – cut 2 1.41

Eternal Hero – cut 2

Extraordinary 2.28


Extraordinary – cut 1 0.47

Extraordinary – cut 1

Heroes Alliance 2.44

Heroes Alliance

Heroes alliance – cut 1 1.02

Heroes alliance – cut 1

Liberty’s day 2.20

Liberty’s day

Liberty’s day – cut 1 0.40

Liberty’s day – cut 1

Magical and wondrous 2.20

Magical and wondrous

Magical and wondrous – cut 1 1.00

Magical and wondrous – cut 1

Promised land 3.11

Promised land

Heroic legend 3.17

Heroic legend

Lendors return 2.52

Lendors return

The Garden of Eden 5.01

The Garden of Eden

The book of life 2.39

The book of life

Shabat lights 2.53

Shabat lights

Beautiful fantasy 2.27

Beautiful fantasy

Ideal fantasy 2.20

Ideal fantasy

Black spider 1.42

Black spider

Touching Fantasy 1.52

Touching Fantasy

Espoir 2.18


Fairyland 2.37


Hanouka 3.22


The book of secrets 4.23

The book of secrets

The revenge 1.32

The revenge

Invincible 2.21


March to victory 2.47

March to victory

The Betrayal 3.10

The Betrayal

Missing 4.28


Kind David 2.16

Kind David

Men of Courage 3.41

Men of Courage

Nouveau monde 4.20

Nouveau monde

Secret garden 2.30

Secret garden

Full moon 4.12

Full moon

Sky quest 5.05

Sky quest

Lady shine 3.30

Lady shine

The magical adventure 1.07

The magical adventure

A journey to Neverland 1.05

A journey to Neverland

Fantasy land 3.32

Fantasy land

Journey to Neverland 1.00

Journey to Neverland

Vital Fantasy 3.12

Vital Fantasy

Fantasy island 1.05

Fantasy island

Final fantasy song 2.00

Final fantasy song

Orchestral 6 Fantasy 2.30

Orchestral 6 Fantasy

The book of fairy tales 1.20

The book of fairy tales

Final extasy 4.12

Final extasy

Apparition 0.33


Beautiful Schemer 3.14

Beautiful Schemer

Best friends 2.3

Best friends

Cain’s theme 2.32

Cain’s theme

Deception 1.28


Em’s theme 1.36

Em’s theme

Keep sake 0.49

Keep sake

Lethal affair 1.34

Lethal affair

Love reality 3.50

Love reality

Trippin romance 4.04

Trippin romance

The Miracle of love 4.20

The Miracle of love

Heroic fantasy 1 1.56

Heroic fantasy 1

Ghost 5.38


Magica/l Peaceful/Reflective/ Smooth/  Dreamy/ Floating /Peaceful /Relaxing /Smooth/ Soothing/ Introspective Underwater/ Adventure / Discovery Gentle / Light Magical / Mystical Underscores, mistery, fantasy, orchestral
Harp Marimba Synthesizer/Drones Ethereal Fantasy Games New Age/ Bright Dreamy Warm Majestic Building Children Adventure Discovery Resolution Heartfelt Fantasy Heavenly Angelic 

Laissez votre imagination créative entrer dans le monde de la musique fantastique libre de droit. Vous avez un projet audacieux comme un film, une vidéo ou même un jeu vidéo basé sur une histoire, un conte de fée ou de princesse. Ne cherchez plus, cette page musicale est la vôtre. Les orchestrations sont élégantes et sublimes soutenus par un thème accrocheur. Les morceaux font appel à toute la palette orchestrale d’un orchestre philharmonique. Côté émotionnel, les mélodies sont touchantes et majestiques, elles peuvent servir comme ouverture pour une épopée fantastique ou d’aventure. Les arrangements sont de haute qualité et dans la lignée des grosses productions hollywoodiennes comme final fantasy, Batman, Narnia et bien d’autres