Royalty Free Epic Orchestral Music

If you like the Big Hollywood sound this page is for you, Music is ideal for trailer videos, films or video games inspired by some of the most notorious hollywood composers like Hans Zimmer, Thomas Jacob Bergersen, Howard Newton, Danny Elfman, John Williams…  Whatever you’re working on, the tracks in this epic, orchestral section serves as a perfect soundtrack for the job.  It can be applied to action scenes in the films you’re shooting, or as the heroic and invigorating backdrop to the school project you’re working on.  No matter what you’re filming, an epic orchestral track will match it perfectly.  After all, none of your favourite movies would be the same without it, so make sure yours are unforgettable too.

Full Orchestral piece with solid rock beat and percussive drums, Big epic choir, Stacatto strings, power brass, very traileresque. A powerful Hybrid orchestration Perfect for epic Hollywood-style movie trailers or intense action scenes.  Instrumental, Action Music, Action Intense Orchestral with a slowly building intro leads to tense pulsing strings and determined percussion, and Big choir section that create a powerful epic mood.

Awakening 2.06
Day of Atonement 1.45
Day of Atonement
Sperenza 2.52
In the begining 3.40
In the begining
Repentance 2.23
Deliverance 1.25
Lord of Light 2.00
Lord of Light
Spirit Legion 1.32
Spirit Legion
Brave Nation 2.32
Brave Nation
Casus Belli 1.45
Casus Belli
Casus Belli – Traiiler cut 1.25
Casus Belli – Traiiler cut
Planet Snow 3.30
Planet Snow
Fearless Heart 1.36
Fearless Heart
Fidelis 2.52
Glorious Brothers 3.00
Glorious Brothers
Honorabilis 1.55
Invisbile Power 2.08
Invisbile Power
Navy Seals 2.15
Navy Seals
Protectors 2.00
Rebel Forces 2.35
Rebel Forces
Rise of Freedom 3.26
Rise of Freedom
Total Domination 1.26
Total Domination
Forgotten hero 2.08
Forgotten hero
A trusted man 2.00
A trusted man
Edge of time 2.34
Edge of time
Forgotten voices 2.45
Forgotten voices
Return of the Hero 1.40
Return of the Hero
Desert Kingdom ( Vocal ) 1.52
Desert Kingdom ( Vocal )
Angel of Destiny 1.02
Angel of Destiny
Confrontation 1.32
Desert Kingdom 1.38
Desert Kingdom
Divine Justice 1.30
Divine Justice
Epic Requiem 2.26
Epic Requiem
Invincible Nation 1.14
Invincible Nation
No Surrender 1.15
No Surrender
The Big Clash 1.35
The Big Clash
Thunderdome 1.42
Assault 1.30
The triumph of light 2.14
The triumph of light
Ultimate Victory – trailer 1.34
Ultimate Victory – trailer
Triumphant Moment 3.56
Triumphant Moment
A powerful story 2.46
A powerful story
Requiem for a hero 3.40
Requiem for a hero
Planet Snow 3.30
Planet Snow
Epic destiny 2.30
Epic destiny
Risky Mission 1.46
Risky Mission
Battle preparations 1.54
Battle preparations
Brave soul 2.00
Brave soul
Special Forces 2.15
Special Forces
Getaway 1.34
Heroes 2.04
Freedom fighters 2.30
Freedom fighters
The last hero 2.30
The last hero
Prison Break 2.22
Prison Break
New Adventures 2.23
New Adventures
The big escape 2.46
The big escape
Heroism 3.10
Combat storm 2.31
Combat storm
Freedom fighters 2.30
Freedom fighters
Neo Pirates 2.11
Neo Pirates