Royalty Free Electro Pop Music

If you love Katty Perry, Black eyed peas or Taylor Swift, you are at the right this page

Royalty Free electro pop Music with all of its synthesizer perfection is teh new trend, this genre is perfect for you.  It blends that one of a kind style with the modern hits of today that you’re looking for.  You’ll get that soulful sound of electro with the modern beats and imitation songs that are going to have you breaking out the jukebox microphone.  Perfect for launching a campaign, corporate parties and general get togethers, you can get the perfect combination of songs for a killer playlist.

Come alive 1.00

Come alive

Candy pop 2.21

Candy pop

Fine and fresh 2.01

Fine and fresh

Firework 2.28


Golden gurls 2.19

Golden gurls

Good romance 2.14

Good romance

Groovy dog 1.52

Groovy dog

Hanging out 1.55

Hanging out

Kiss a boy 2.29

Kiss a boy

Pop diva 1.56

Pop diva

Sun kissed skin 2.43

Sun kissed skin

Take me home 2.20

Take me home

Teenage pop 2.14

Teenage pop

Urbanized 2.38


That’s alright 3.30

That’s alright

Keep on moving 2.58

Keep on moving

Come what may 2.22

Come what may

European girls 1.32

European girls

On the move 2.16

On the move

Uplift your life -60s cut 1.00

Uplift your life -60s cut

Bright light – 30s cut 0.30

Bright light – 30s cut

Good feeling 2.18

Good feeling

Stimulus 2.20


That’s alright – Spicatto mix 3.32

That’s alright – Spicatto mix

Urban touch 1.52

Urban touch