Royalty Free Electro Pop Music

Melodic and Playful, featuring an uplifting synth theme, Rihana or Katy Perry style guitar and a bouncy dance beat that creates a youthful and feel good mood. Add a bouncy Electro-Pop groove to your video


Electro Pop Pop/ Fashion / Lifestyle Feel Good Happy / Cheerful/ Electric guitar Synthesizer/ Bouncy Bright Cheerful Joyful/ Sunshine/ Youth/ Feel-good/ Summer/ Fun/ Neyo/ Beyonce/ Rihana/ Justin timberlake/ katty perry/ lady gaga
Feel Good Happy / Cheerful/ Uplifting/ Bright/  Joyful/ Playful/ Fun/ Youthful

Urban star 1.15

Urban star

That’s alright 3.30

That’s alright

That’s alright – Spicatto mix 3.32

That’s alright – Spicatto mix

Keep on moving 2.58

Keep on moving

Come what may 2.22

Come what may

European girls 1.32

European girls

On the move 2.16

On the move

Urban touch 1.52

Urban touch

In the trend 3.2

In the trend

Original move 3.05

Original move

Casting 3.38

That’s alright

Heaven sent 2.53

THeaven sent

RnB 1 4.08

RnB 1

RnB 2 3.08

RnB 2

RnB 3 4.28

RnB 3

RnB 4 3.42

RnB 4

Inspired 2.28


Pretty woman 3.15

Pretty woman

Spotight 3.38


Sweetest day 3.40

Sweetest day

That’s your life 3.02

That’s your life

True story 3.14

True story

Wonderful day 3.18

Wonderful day