Royalty Free Electro Music

While you may think that electro music is something from the past, it’s making a huge comeback in a great way that is going to really show you how beneficial it can be in any atmosphere.  Done mostly with fantastic synthesizers that are energizing and full of fun, this could be a great music collection to look at for everything from being on hold to a taxi cab.  You’ll love the good vibes that this modernized electro music will give out. Step into the future and enter a world of modern electronic sounds,

Corporate dream 4.21

Corporate dream

Columbia 1 3.33

Columbia 1

Columbia 2 3.33

Columbia 2

World of science 3.33

World of science

Terminal A 3.04

Terminal A

Positive reaction 4.06

Positive reaction

Future mission 1 3.16

Future mission 1

Clear vision 3.14

Clear vision

Positive move 4.42

Positive move

Breathless 3.33


Herbal six 4.24

Herbal six

Water colours 3.12

Water colours

The midnight Mission 3.35

The midnight Mission

Perpetual moves 2.08

Perpetual moves

Winds of Victory 4.53

Winds of Victory

Clear vision 3.14

Clear vision

Fantastic scenery 3.38

Fantastic scenery

Eclipse 2.58


Equinoxe 3.22


Fantasy land 3.32

Fantasy land

Flight explorer 4.06

Flight explorer

Corporate Vision 3.45

Corporate Vision

Ocean Blue 2.56

Ocean Blue

Sky high 3.55

Sky high

Lunar saga 2.50

Lunar saga

Future mission 2 2.16

Future mission 2

Skylight 4.14


Interactive 4.19


Transparency 5.43


The garden of love 3.12

The garden of love

Across the plains 3.46

Across the plains

Day of joy 3.12

Day of joy

Dusty wind 2.39

Dusty wind

Panoramesque 2.48


Summer solstice 3.53

Summer solstice

Journey theme 3.15

Journey theme

Sentimental mood 3.20

Sentimental mood

Introspection 3.56


Le sentiment cosmique 3.53

Le sentiment cosmique

Floating dreams 2.20

Floating dreams

Angels 3.46


Essence of life 3.14

Essence of life

Heartfelt expression 2.47

Heartfelt expression

Painted harmony 2.09

Painted harmony

Peace and Harmony 3.40

Peace and Harmony

Strings of compassion 3.41

Strings of compassion

Strings of life 3.45

Strings of life

Tranquility 4.25


Ambient force 1.52

Ambient force

Atmosfear 3.49


Opera by the sea 3.51

Opera by the sea

Ciel Terre 3.58

Ciel Terre

Columbia 2 4.05

Columbia 2

Flight & rescue 3.45

Flight & rescue

Imager 4.57


inspiration 1 3.28

inspiration 1

Research 4.15


Blue dreams 3.35

Blue dreams

Bridges of hope 3.01

Bridges of hope

The deep zone 3.45

The deep zone