musique libre de droit

Royalty Free Easy Listening Music

Relax and cool easy listening music, Bright and building, featuring warm piano, acoustic guitar and synth elements that create a sunny and  optimistic mood.


Easy listening/ cool/relax/ bright/ Building/ Optimistic/ Corporate Easy Listening Inspirational Pop/ Feel Good Gentle / Light Romantic / Sentimental/ Acoustic guitar Piano Strings/ Smooth Soothing Sunshine Heartwarming Proud Dreams Satisfied

Buone Vacanze 2.43

Buone Vacanze

Eilat Lounge 2.34

Eilat Lounge

Buone Vacanze 2.43

Buone Vacanze

Mrs Jones 2.53

Mrs Jones

Bluesy jazz 3.06

Bluesy jazz

Cool night 3.12

Cool night

Mellow Jazz 3.13

Mellow Jazz

Sunset Jazz 2 4.53

Sunset Jazz 2

French Kiss 2.34

French Kiss

In the pool 2.05

In the pool

Modern world 2.34

Modern world

City lights 3.03

City lights

Lounge sessions 1.55

Lounge sessions

Lune de Miel 3.12

Lune de Miel

Passion fruit 2.35

Passion fruit

Perfect Match 2.29

Perfect Match

Red sea lounge 2.24

Red sea lounge

Rimini 2.29


Total lounge 2.40

Total lounge

Vital Fantasy 3.12

Vital Fantasy

Weekend in Paris 1.55

Weekend in Paris

Quand tu dors 4.42

Quand tu dors

Promenade 3.32


Take Five more 1.39

Take Five more

Sweet day 3.32

Sweet day

Liquid journey 4.10

Liquid journey

Breakfast for 2 3.26

Breakfast for 2

Birdland 1.53


Las Vegas 2.33

Las Vegas

On air 1.41

On air

Pacific promenade 2.49

Pacific promenade

Sweet samba 2.30

Sweet samba