Royalty Free Dramatic Music

Inspiring and emotionally fulfilling Dramatic orchestral music with poignant adagio strings. perfect for any romantic, inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects!

One for all the moments of hope, strenght, inspiration, wonder, pride and dedication, A film’s musical accompaniment to the ending credits

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Life lesson 1.40

Life lesson

Misfortune 2.35


Necessity 1.52


Necessity ( epic drums ) 1.52

Necessity ( epic drums )

Pillar of defense 3.00

Pillar of defense

Breath of life 2.20

Breath of life

Brave heart 1.50

Brave heart

Fantasy legend 2.25

Fantasy legend

Heroic times 1.45

Heroic times

Waiting in silence 1.30

Waiting in silence

Epic destiny 2.30

Epic destiny

Love and affection 0.53

Love and affection

Remembering 0.53


Unforgettable moment 1.22

Unforgettable moment

Requiem for a hero – Trailer 1.50

Requiem for a hero – Trailer

Requiem for a hero 3.40

Requiem for a hero

Epic Beauty 2.46

Epic Beauty

Beautiful world – Choir 3.45

Beautiful world – Choir

Peaceful heart – Choir 3.19

Peaceful heart – Choir

Ultimate love – Choir 3.20

Ultimate love – Choir

Whisperings – Choir 3.15

Whisperings – Choir

Dark forces 1.35

Dark forces

Emotional day 3.4

Emotional day

Seconf life 3.14

Seconf life

My first Kaddish 3.39

My first Kaddish

In memory of 2.48

In memory of

Sorrowful 3.24


Song for peace 2.02

Song for peace

The survivor 2.50

The survivor

Homeless 2.55


The morning light 2.10

The morning light

The Prince of Judea 3.41

The Prince of Judea

Forever gone 1.39

Forever gone

True inspiration 2.16

True inspiration

Brothers 1.46


Discouraged 3.35


Hidden heart 3.19

Hidden heart

Intrigue 4.00


Invisible tears 3.16

Invisible tears

Lonely avenue 4.22

Lonely avenue

Mellow piano 3.22

Mellow piano

Reflective moments 4.06

Reflective moments

Roses of memory 3.57

Roses of memory

Dusty wind 2.39

Dusty wind

The Forgotten Hero 3.02

The Forgotten Hero

Diaspora 1.54


Free at last 2.06

Free at last 2.06

Remembrance 2.10


Spiritual life 1.53

Spiritual life

Spiritual Mourning 2.42

Spiritual Mourning

The Honourable 1.32

The Honourable

Back home 1.18

Back home

Impressionist Piano 2.23

Impressionist Piano

Heartfelt expression 2.47

Heartfelt expression

Painted harmony 2.09

Painted harmony

Solitude 1.45


Existential 1.40


Emotional story 1.48

Emotional story

Undefeated 2.02


Eternal regret 1.36

Eternal regret

Wounded 4.12


The Fallen 3.19

The Fallen

After the storm 3.16

After the storm

Tragedy 1.48


Old Image 2.12

Old Image

Forever gone 2.01

Forever gone

Redemption 2.20


Innocence 2.19


Cain’s theme

Cain’s theme

A child’s dream 2.16

A child’s dream

Ladino song 2.10

Ladino song

Scenic Reflections 3.21

Scenic Reflections

The sacrifice 2.54

The sacrifice

The last indian 2.33

The last indian

Tristesse 3.35


Deep Reflections 4.36

Deep Reflections

Presumed guilty 4.07

Presumed guilty

Missing 4.28


The betrayal 3.18

The betrayal

Like father and son 2.46

Like father and son

A day to remmember 2.48

A day to remember

Solo con te 4.15

Solo con te

Solitary heart 1.40

Solitary heart

Abandoned 2.48


Amazing grace 3.25

Amazing grace

Love reality 3.15

Love reality

The blessed one 3.13

The blessed one

Regrets 5.58


Adventure 4 3.05

Adventure 4

In memory of 2.48

In memory of

Love reality 3.15

Love reality

A day to remember 2.06

A day to remember

Voices from heaven 3.25

Voices from heaven

The king is dead 2.19

The king is dead

Hesitation 2.43


Regrets 5.58


The blessed one 2.13

The blessed one

Hesitation 2.43

Voices from heaven 3.25

Voices from heaven

Roue libre 2.51

Roue libre

The treasure valley 1.48

The treasure valley

The blessed one 2.13

The blessed one

The sacrifice 2.55

The sacrifice

The king is dead 2.19

The king is dead

Peace 1.39


Noblemen 1.32
New skies 2.10

New skies

Moment of truth 2.16

Moment of truth

Innocence 2.24


In the setting sun 1.45

In the setting sun

I believe in grace 2.02

I believe in grace

Gabriel’s wing 2.28

Gabriel’s wing

David’s prayer 1.34

David’s prayer

Cristal clear love 2.42

Cristal clear love

Cool breeze 1.54

Cool breeze

Brothers 2.09


A child’s dream 2.16

A child’s dream

Desert wind 3.46

Desert wind

Life goes on 4.46

Life goes on