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Royalty Free Music For Documentary

While not many people are aware of the role that background music plays in documentaries and tutorials, this genre will really open your eyes to how it all works.  You have a better chance of absorbing what you’re learning if the right soundtrack is playing in the background.  It needs to be serious but still engaging so that it’s not distracting.  You can take a look through all of the options so that you find the perfect one for your message. You will find a great selection of Documentary music here for your next project.

Modern Technology 3.45

Modern Technology

Changing World – New mix 2.37

Changing World – New mix

Dark Valley 3.00

Dark Valley

The Dead sea scrolls 2.32

The Dead sea scrolls

Biblical source 2.28

Biblical source

Unbreakable 2.05


Epic Beauty 2.46

Epic Beauty

Peaceful heart – Choir 3.19

Peaceful heart – Choir

Do no fade away 2.23

Do no fade away

Lendors return 2.52

Lendors return

The Garden of Eden 5.01

The Garden of Eden

Success Achievement 2.46

Success & Achievement

Breathless 3.33


Nouveau Rêve 4.08

Nouveau Rêve

Dark forces 1.35

Dark forces

Cabinet Dr Caligari 1.19

Cabinet Dr Caligari

Rescue dawn 1.42

Rescue dawn

Do not fade away – choir 2.23

Do not fade away – choir

Black Panthera 3.06

Black Panthera

Suv 3.04


Road Racing 2.22

Road Racing

Changing World 2.37

Changing World

Afternoon in Hamburg 3.42

Afternoon in Hamburg

Body heat 1.40

Body heat

Fear factor 1.51

Fear factor

Fractures of time 1.10

Fractures of time

News ticker 1.28

News ticker

News ticker – bed 2.02

News ticker – bed

Spirit dancer 2.08

Spirit dancer

Star people 2.13

Star people

Urban instant 2.00

Urban instant

Zum Alpiner 2.52

Zum Alpiner

Values and Vision 2.15

Values and Vision

Detective tales 2 2.05

Detective tales 2

Detective 3 2.24

Detective 3

Floating clouds 2.04

Floating clouds

Wondeful kiss 2.33

Wonderful kiss

Ferrari vs VW 1.39

Ferrari VS VW

Rising sun 4.50

Rising sun

Imaginary lands 4.20

Imaginary lands

Invincible 2.21


March to victory 2.47

March to victory

Glory story 4.35

Glory story

Noble men 1.32

Noble men

Deep earth 2.49

Deep earth

Natural wonder 3.40

Natural wonder

The miracle of love 4.20

the miracle of love

Choctaw nation 5.05

Choctaw nation

Glory story 4.35

Glory story

Celtic voice 5.25

Celtic voice

Nuit d’été 3.38

Nuit d’été

The revenge 1.32

The revenge

Tibetan Adagio 5.49

Tibetan Adagio

Middle eastern diva 4.26

Middle eastern diva

Midnight Mission 3.35

Midnight Mission

The last Hour 3.30

The last Hour

Spyman 3.37


Indra’s dream 1.57

Indra’s dream

Bio tech 5 1.50

Bio tech 5

Bridges of hope 3.01

Bridges of hope

The treasure Valley 1.47

The treasure Valley

Monday afternoon 3.52

Monday afternoon

Futuristic 3.10


Dynamics 2.45


New age 1 4.01

New age 1

The survivor 2.20

The survivor

Piper lounge 1.31

Piper lounge

Forever gone 2.15

Forever gone

The survivor 2.50

Bio tech 4

The Escape 3.30

The Escape

Run free 2.47

Run free

Traces in the sand 3.15

Traces in the sand

Detectives tales 2 2.01

Detectives tales 2

Detectives tales 3 3.03

Detectives tales 3

Indra’s Dream 1.57

Indra’s Dream

Documentary music is one of the latest additions to our enormous music library. Our music tracks cover wide range of emotions that will fit any of your documentary projects. Royalty free music for documentaries involving wildlife and nature, science and technology, documentary, drama, and atmospheric music beds, are some of the most sough-after royalty free music. If you want to chronicle the adventure of your documentary heroes with proper detail, overtures from royalty free music for documentaries are great additions.