Royalty Free Dance Music Bright and bouncy dance music tracks , featuring urban synth textures, determined piano and a catchy dance groove that creates an excited and celebratory mood.

Tags: electro dance/EDM/ Dance / Techno Dance Pop Motivational Fashion / Lifestyle Feel Good Uplifting/ Piano Synthesizer Bouncy Motivational Reflective Uplifting Determined Feel-good Party Building Electro-pop Edm Dreams

Katy Gaga 2.15

Katy Gaga

Born This way 2.32

Born This way

Cascada 4.23


Chart breaker 3.05

Chart breaker

Club music 3.30

Club music

Dance club 3.00

Dance club

Euro dance club 3.25

Euro dance club

Euro dance hit 3.25

Euro dance hit

Euro dance radio 3.16

Euro dance radio

Euro dance star 3.12

Euro dance star

Euro NRG 3.18

Euro NRG

Gaga move 4.20

Gaga move

Gaga vision 4.20

Gaga vision

Hands up 3.25

Hands up

Just dance 2.48

Just dance

Katy’s dance 3.22

Katy’s dance

Little monster 3.15

Little monster

I can reach you 4.00

I can reach you

I’m free 3.25

I’m free

In style again 3.08

In style again

Miniature world 3.20

Miniature world

Moonlight dance 3.30

Moonlight dance

Myroom 5 3.16

Myroom 5

paparazzi dance 3.32

paparazzi dance

Strip poker 3.12

Strip poker

Club people 2.30

Club people

Elektro house 2.45

Elektro house

Modern techno 1.22

Modern techno

Nightlife 2.40


Studio 54 2.45

Studio 54

Dreamspace 4.33


Euro techno 3.45

Euro techno

Attractive lady 3.01

Attractive lady

Funky family 2.04

Funky family

Top model 3.12

Top model

Dance floor 2.45

Dance floor

Dance Fever 3.00

Dance Fever

Saturday night 2.36

Saturday night

Disco Queen 2.43

Disco Queen

Disco Academy 2.11

Disco Academy

Disco star 2.01

Disco star

Fashion lounge 2.52

Fashion lounge

Soul Man 1.33

Soul Man

Happy celebration 3.30

Happy celebration

Hot dance club 2.50

Hot dance club

Amsterdam Club 4.00

Amsterdam Club

Berlin Techno 3.49

Berlin Techno

Copenhagen Beat 3.39

Copenhagen Beat

Air Force 2 3.44

Air Force 2

Geneva Techno 2.38

Geneva Techno

Ibiza Night 4.00

Ibiza Night