Royalty Free Dance House Music

From parties to clubs, dance music is always a great hit.  It has all sorts of fantastic beats that you can pick and choose to be your soundtrack for whatever your occasion.  Great for everything from celebrations to workouts, dance music such as this carefully crafted collection will help boost your mood and give you some extra energy to get your dance moves out and join in on the fun.  Great for BBQs and school dances, too.  Enjoy the beats!

London Beat 3.26

London Beat

Paris Club 3.12

Paris Club

Love will 3.40

Love will

Happy celebration 3.30

Happy celebration

we can run 3.30

we can run

Give me love 3.35

Give me love

Challenger 5.10


Salsa club 2.27

Salsa club

Final Victory 4.30

Final Victory

Mr Funk 2.13

Mr Funk

Jamaican Dancehall 3.30

Jamaican Dancehall

Odissey 1 4.08

Odissey 1

Club design 3.35

Club design

Alive 1.25


Funk city 3.03

Funk city

Fantasy flight 4.30

Fantasy flight

Justice 0.44


the big show 4.30

the big show

Heavenly 5.30


Night express 2.25

Night express

Night metropolis 2.01

Night metropolis

Transfix 3.16


Trance Mission 4.30

Trance Mission

Chic funk 3.10

Chic funk

Epic Trance 4.35

Epic Trance

Fantasy flight 4.30

Fantasy flight

Fantasy flight 4.30

Fantasy flight

Fitness 4.30


Trancy 1 3.32

Trancy 1

Air force 3.35

Air force

Air force 3.35

Air force

Ain’t no strippa 2.42

Ain’t no strippa

All night 2.04

All night

Deepest two 2.00

Deepest two

Laid 2.14


Fade away 2.07

Fade away

Full Force 2.27

Full Force

High tide 2.30

High tide

Hot like 2.07

Hot like

Latina 2.04


Metro funk 1.58

Metro funk

Misted 1.58


Paper lantern 1.52

Paper lantern

Right on 2.05

Right on

Roll one 2.30

Roll one

Stretch 2.02


Superstar 2.24


Surreal zone 2.21

Surreal zone

Tracky Back 2.08

Tracky Back

Truthfully 2.10


Up on top 2.40

Up on top

Whiplash 2.32


Pump up the power 3.40

Pump up the power

Sonic xpress 3.40

Sonic xpress

Hear my words 3.42

Hear my words

Hear my words 3.42

To the highest

Run out of time 3.40

Run out of time

I want you 3.38

I want you

I cant’ stop 3.40

I cant’ stop

Heart of space 3.38

Heart of space

Field of motion 3.38

Field of motion

Run out of time 3.38

Time has come

Noble gravity 3.40

Noble gravity

Keep your love strong 3.45

Keep your love strong

Free love 3.35

Free love