This collection of royalty free country music will give your next project some midwest charm. From traditional dobro, banjo and mandolin to accessible pop country, these tunes are perfect for scenic country traveling, western product and farm scenes.

Slide guitar, harmonica/ mandolin/ Acoustic Americana Country Country-Folk Folk/ Finger style/ Feel Good Gentle / Light Romantic / Sentimental Sad / Nostalgic/ Acoustic guitar/ Earthy Joyful Nostalgic Organic Sentimental Heartwarming Satisfied Genlte
Back in town 1.47

Back in town

Good to me 1.38

Good to me

Hawaiian breeze 3.18

Hawaiian breeze

Highway of life 1.12

Highway of life

Little miss 1.45

Little miss

Live a little 1.30

Live a little

My home town 2.37

My home town

Modern cowboy 2.56

Modern cowboy

Hello from the islands 3.22

Hello from the islands

Back to country 2.43

Back to country

The last train 3.09

The last train

Country Chicks 2.54

Country Chicks

Country rascals 2.55

Country rascals

Horseback riding 2.47

Horseback riding

Sheriff 2.29


Lazy afternoon 2.51

Lazy afternoon

Sunset Rider 2.40

Sunset Rider

Morning sun 2.42

Morning sun

Southern ballad 2.51

Southern ballad

Pure prairie 2 2.54

Pure prairie 2

The Traveller 2.56

The Traveller

Country Rose 3.33

Country Rose

Long Train rolling 2.14

Long Train rolling

Modern cowboy 2.56

Modern cowboy

Rasta cowboy 2.45

Rasta cowboy

Urban cowboy 4.31

Urban cowboy

Hurricane blues 2.27C

Hurricane blues

Dallas cowboys 2.06

Dallas cowboys

Country boy 2.07

Country boy

Country reggae 3.15

Country reggae

Back to midwest 3.06

Back to midwest

Highway 67 3.10

Highway 67

Rock route 3.05

Rock route

Country ride 5.39

Country ride

Back in town 3.15
Country Girl

Lonesome girl 3.29

Lonesome girl

Pick up man 3.39

Pick up man

The old man 3.35

The old man

Barbecue day 0.51

Barbecue day

Bluesy day 3.33

Bluesy day

La musique country, ou western est une musique Américane née dans les Appalaches et dans le pays profond, du Texas jusqu’en Virginie-Occidentale. Rythmique ou trainante, sentimentale ou émouvante, la country music vient des musiques folkloriques celtes des immigrés irlandais et écossais. Cette musique, avec le blues et le rhythm and blues noirs, a fort contribué au développement du rock.