Traditional corsican music  featuring the corsican cetera an intangible heritage of Corsica. The presence of the cetera in Corsica dates back from the 17th century and is attested by numerous  manuscripts.

Cetera is played today in Corsica in festivals and religious services. The instrument also accompanies popular corsican singers and polyphonic singing such as I Murvini and Barbara Fortuna – Corsica has a profound polyphonic choral tradition, a genre that rose with corsican patriotism in the 70’s. Listen to The anthem of Corsica is “Dio vi Salvi Regina”.

Amuresca 1.58


Barbara Fortuna 2.38

Barbara Fortuna

U praru 3.05

U praru

Sta mi vicino 2.23

Sta mi vicino

Ballade pour une hirondelle 2.23

Ballade pour une hirondelle

Mazurka et polka 3.32

Mazurka et polka

U lamentu 1.47

U lamentu

Ballade à la guimbarde 2.03

Ballade à la guimbarde

Cantiquas 2.07


Diu vi Salvi Regina 3.52

Diu vi Salvi Regina