Excellent for corporate branding, success and winning, advertising, daytime TV, television.   these positive tracks depict creativity, Optimism, strenght and  confidence to motivate and inspire your audience. Add a ray of positive energy to your corporate video or presentation!

Music in a corporate workplace is a great idea for everyone involved.  Each of the selections available here has an optimistic and positive touch that will gently motivate each of  your workers to stay on task and do a good job the first time.  The songs are meant to energize those listening to them so that you find your video or promotional material.  You’ll find a more attentive audience that listens from start to finish to what you have to say.

Companies are always looking for Powerful and uplifting CORPORATE MUSIC with layered guitars, positive piano and a strong rhythm which creates an INSPIRING yet emotive feel. in the style of U2, Coldplay or any famous pop star.

Creative day 3.10

Creative day

Brightness 2.04


Sky rise – 40 sec

Sky rise – 40 sec

Sky rise 1.30

Sky rise

Excellent 2.45


Great Job 2.02

Great Job

Motivation 2.15


Perfect 2.20


Flexible 2.06


Fresh and light 1.40

Fresh and light

Beauty Ideal 2.06

Beauty Ideal

Celebrating life 2.05

Celebrating life

Chariots of hope 1.58

Chariots of hope

City life 3.30

City life

Clever vision 2.32

Clever vision

Corporate culture 2.16

Corporate culture

Corporate meeting 1.58

Corporate meeting

Corporate mission 3.10

Corporate mission

Flying higher 3.02

Flying higher

Fresh and light 1.40

Fresh and light

Give a smile 3.18

Give a smile

Global innovation 2.16

Global innovation

Heartbeat of innovation 2.42

Heartbeat of innovation

Improved 2.42


Innovative thinking 2.08

Innovative thinking

Inspired life 3.05

Inspired life

Inspiring ideas 1.18

Inspiring ideas

Interactive solutions 4.08

Interactive solutions

Leading ideas 3.05

Leading ideas

Light of hope 2.10

Light of hope

Making ideas work 1.58

Making ideas work

Shine a light 2.35

Shine a light

Simple magic 2.45

Simple magic

Successful 2.25


Sunny skies 2.00

Sunny skies

The daylight comes 2.50

The daylight comes

Think ahead 2.50

Think ahead

Under the stars 3.05

Under the stars

World innovation 4.08

World innovation

Saturday Morning ( vocal ) 2.12

Saturday Morning ( vocal )

New clocks – 82 sec cut 1.22

New clocks – 82 sec cut

New clocks ( with marimba ) 2.25

New clocks ( with marimba )

A smart world 3.28

A small world

Smart people 2.06

Smart people

A good day 3.52

A good day

A new begining 4.10

A new begining

A new star 3.36

A new star

A nice change 3.28

A nice change


Gentle Nostalgic Sentimental Reflective Warm Acoustic Corporate Inspirational Ambient Cheerful Joyful Uplifting Positive Corporate Joyful Feel good Commercial Enthusiastic 

La musique Corporate ou institutionnelle se veut moderne et riche grâce à l’utilisation de sons très actuels. Elle est composée généralement pour dynamiser des films internes d’entreprise ou même des publicités télévisuelles ou sur internet. Ce genre musical est très apprécié des sociétés et des agences de communication qui veulent ajouter une plus-value a un produit , une marque ou la présentation d’une entreprise. Les émotions qui prévalent sont le dynamisme, le positif, le sérieux et l’optimisme car elles mettent en avant les qualités recherchées.