Royalty Free Corporate Music 2

One of the most efficient ways to connect with your customers is to provide positive music that evokes a happy and friendly vibe. Fun, positive music tracks with happy melodies are great addition to productions needed for product demonstrations and other business promotions. We have a wide selection of royalty free corporate music that will help your business give more impact for your PowerPoint presentations, corporate videos or seminar materials. From acoustic, folksy music to laid back acoustic jams; from serene, ethereal tunes to industrial compositions, our vast library will definitely have something in store for you.

A new begining 4.10

A new begining

A new star 3.36

A new star

A nice change 3.28

A nice change

A nice trip 3.54

A nice trip

Beautiful story 3.08

Beautiful story

Cinematic view 3.50

Cinematic view

Cool groove 4.06

Cool groove

Field of dreams 2.50

Field of dreams

Finally home – Mix 2 3.12

Finally home – Mix 2

Finally home 3.12

Finally home

Hopeful song 2.08

Hopeful song

Lead Me on 4.07

Lead Me on

My Little Paradise 3.35

My Little Paradise

Mixed emotions 4.08

Mixed emotions

On your side 3.51

On your side

Real vibe 3.28

Real vibe

Sentimental Journey 4.10

Sentimental Journey

Shining light 3.07

Shining light

Uplifting Story 3.42

Uplifting Story

Angel voices 2.30

Angel voices

Beautiful sunrise 2.35

Beautiful sunrise

Inspiring Moment 3.00

Inspiring Moment

New discoveries 3.20

New discoveries

One life 2.55

One life

Positive thinking 3.25

Positive thinking

Sad day 2.40

Sad day

Sky view 2.15

Sky view

Tomorow shines 3.20

Tomorow shines

True innovation 2.45

True innovation

Uplifting day 3.06

Uplifting day

Winning solutions 2.20

Winning solutions

Interacvtivator 3.31


River of stars 4.21

River of stars

Spy man 2.41

Spy man

The flame of victory 1.45

The flame of victory

The escape 1.31

The escape

The escape 2.30

The last hour

The last hour 2.32

The midnight mission

Traces in the sand 3.15

Traces in the sand

Bridges of hope 3.03

Bridges of hope

A bit of smooth Jazz 4.24

A bit of smooth Jazz

Blue dreams 3.35

Blue dreams

Discovery 2.14


Escale 1.31


Exodus 1.52


La musique Corporate ou institutionnelle est parfaite pour les films internes d’entreprise ou même des publicités télévisuelles ou sur internet. Les émotions qui prévalent sont le dynamisme, le positif, le sérieux et l’optimisme car elles mettent en avant les qualités recherchées