royalty free music - children comedy animation

Royalty Free Comedy Funny Music .

Positive, fun and childish. Such music as a funny sound of a toy piano or a human trumpet is great for any animation or cartoon projects for television.

The funny, outlandish and wacky sounds of royalty free animation music, emphasizes the humor and comedy that you want to convey, especially for productions directed at children. You probably experienced growing up with the familiar wacky music accompanying the adventures of the Looney Tunes cartoon character. Just imagine the good laughter induced by such outlandish royalty free animation music.
these tracks will perfectly fit in the following projects: Cinematic Kids, Children Production, Film Score

Brand new 1.03

Brand new

Desperate boss 0.50

Desperate boss

Desperate nanny 0.50

Desperate nanny

Gentle World 0.50

Gentle World

Happy morning 0.50

Happy morning

La sorcière 0.54

La sorcière

Lovely place 0.48

Lovely place

Orchestral action 1.00

Orchestral action

Simple fact 0.33

Simple fact

Spring source 0.42

Spring source

The march of time 1.00

The march of time

True lies 0.40

True lies

Venezia Strings 0.38

Venezia Strings

Visionary 0.45


Kibbutz life 1.35

Kibbutz life

Toony 1.35


Toony 2 0.35

Toony 2

The Samsons 2.25

The Samsons

Twisted tales 1.45

Twisted tales

A journey to Neverland 1.05

A journey to Neverland

Dreamland 1.03


Funny escapade 1.03

Funny escapade

Brachatz 5.06


Funny escapade 2 1.13

Funny escapade 2

Miracle smile 1.00

Miracle smile

The spirit of Christmas 1.06

The spirit of Christmas

Avatar 2.12


Petite maison 2.50

Petite maison

Children’s Park 2.14

Children’s Park

Dominos 2.10


Escapade 2.04


Les bétises de Marie 2.14

Les bétises de Marie

Beautiful child 2.05

Beautiful child

Fiddler on Move 3.28

Fiddler on Move

Nasty duck 1.18

Nasty duck

Cartoonesque 2.27


Cartooniste 3.29


klezmer con brio 2.38

klezmer con brio

La valse des enfants 1.13

La valse des enfants

The game 1.32

The game

Dance Fever 3.00

Dance Fever

Amusing Pursuit 1.36

Amusing Pursuit

Tequila Sunset 1.42

Tequila Sunset

The man from Manhattan 3.14

The man from Manhattan

Circus 2.13


Jeux de fées 1.55

Jeux de fées

Desperate nanny 0.50

Desperate nanny

Dance Fever 3.00

Dance Fever

Samba star 3.25

Samba star

Le Jongleur 2.14

Le Jongleur

Salsa libre 1.01

Salsa libre

Take Five more 1.39

Take Five more

Frère Jacques 3.00

Frère Jacques

Samedi soir 2.36

Samedi soir

Douce nuit 2.19

Douce nuit

Ma ptite Emmy 0.45

Ma ptite Emmy

Oh Susanna 2.10

Oh Susanna

St Patrick 2.36

St Patrick

Disco star 2.01

Disco star

Sweet home 2.50

Sweet home

Sweet home 2.50

Sweet home

La Côte D’azur 1.35

La Côte D’azury

Mambo Montmartre 1.22

Mambo Montmartre

Happy family 3.35

Happy family

Happy family 3.35

Happy family

Happy family 3.35

Happy family

CajunBibu 1.50


Music box 3.19

Music box

Mambo N°1 1.17

Mambo N°1

Free love 3.30

Free love

Kibbutz life 1.35

Kibbutz life

Les betises de Marie 2.46

A l’est

Rodeo boots 1.47

Rodeo boots

Square dance saloon 1.58

Square dance saloon

Mapple leaf 2.01

Mapple leaf

Mapple leaf 2.01

Mapple leaf

Back to my flute 1.30

Back to my flute