Royalty Free Children Music

Ideally, children’s music should be full of all sorts of fun quirks that will keep their hearts light and their brains growing.  All of the selections that you will find here are full of great beats and education that is the perfect blend of “mom approved” themes and great lyrics that children will love to sing along to in the car.  Perfect for toddlers to ten year olds (or older!) here are great songs that will get everyone tapping their toes. these kid-oriented tunes will work very well with commercials, fun animations or games. Light and flowing, this royalty free children music features pizzicato, ukulele and pulsing electronic elements that create a happy and joyful mood.

Quirk Day

Quirk day

Avatar 2.12


Babysitter 1.05


Animator 1.22


Children Playing 2.14

Children Playing

Classical lullaby 2.20

Classical lullaby

Funky pigeon 2.12

Funky pigeon

Samantha 1.44


Simple Magic 1.08

Simple Magic

Skipping Point 1.48

Skipping Point

Squirrel 2.20


Animator 1.22


Simple Game 1.08

Simple Game

Simple Game (with drums) 1.08

Simple Game

Skipping point 1.48

Skipping point

Child smile 2.45

Child smile

Wonderful holidays 1 3.10

Wonderful holidays 1

Magic wonderland 1 2.28

Magic wonderland 1

The Samsons 2.25

The Samsons

Avatar 2.12


Babysitter 1.05


Santa Claus express 0.44

Santa Claus express

Cartoonesque 2.27


Santa’s wonderland 3.06

Santa’s wonderland

Beautiful child 2.05

Beautiful child

Nasty duck 1.18

Nasty duck

ChrisTmas lullaby 6.29

Chrismas lullaby

Snow white christmas 3.30

Snow white christmas

Christmas eve 2.02

Christmas eve

La valse des enfants 1.13

La valse des enfants



Le Jongleur 2.14

Le Jongleur

Frère Jacques 3.00

Frère Jacques

Oh Susanna 2.10

Oh Susanna

Sweet home 2.50

Sweet home

Douce nuit 2.19

Douce nuit

Petite maison 2.50

Petite maison

Ma ptite Emmy 0.45

Ma ptite Emmy

Cartooniste 3.29


Les bétises de marie 2.30

Les bétises de marie

Jeux de fées 1.55

Jeux de fées

Les bétises de Marie 2.14

Les bétises de Marie

The eyes of an angel 3.42

The eyes of an angel

Jeu de fées 2.35

Jeu de fées

Africa Matata 2.33

Africa Matata

Commercials, animation and mobile games often need fun, quirky, and kid-oriented music to evoke playful, positive and comedic content. We offer a diverse selection of joyful, light, and warm tracks that are ideal for TV advertisements or productions that represent positive and uplifting energies. Royalty free kids and comedy music is perfect for child-related videos or videos that would definitely put on a smile to the viewer’s face.


Children, Comedy, Animation Quirky, Soothing, Corporate Indie Pop Inspirational Kids / Children Pop/ Feel Good Gentle / Light Happy / Cheerful/ Piano Pizzicato strings Ukulele/ Cheerful Earthy Joyful Organic Sunshine Family Home Proud Dreams

La musique pour enfants est omni présente, elle est diffusée dans les écoles maternelles mais aussi à la télévision, les films d’animation ou les spectacles pour enfants. Ce genre musical est très apprécié des petits, elle est ludique, entrainante et joyeuse. Elle peut être instrumentale ou composée sous la forme de berceuses, chansons ou contines. La musique libre de droit pour enfants ajoutera cette touche magique à votre projet. Ce genre musical est destiné spécialement aux enfants.