royalty free brazilian music

Royalty Free Brazilian Music

Sunny, bouncy and smooth groove, featuring percussions, guitar, piano, strings and soulful saxophone that creates a relax and chic mood – Evoke copacabana beautiful beach and brazilian life style.

Bossa Nova is Brazil most famous music genre that became a national pride in the 60’s, through the music of notorious composers such as Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim. take a zip of samba or bossa nova for its sweet summery tunes.

Bahia girl 4.25

Bahia girl

Mellow bossa 4.15

Mellow bossa

Brazil on the beach 3.39

Brazil on the beach

Ballon d’or 2.43

Ballon d’or

What Else 3.30

What Else

Aqua Verde 3.44

Aqua Verde

Bossa Reloaded 3.02

Bossa Reloaded

Brazil Bikini 2.52

Brazil Bikini

Brazilian dinner 3.02

Brazilian dinner

Brazilian spa 2.28

Brazilian spa

Brazilian Suntan 3.40

Brazilian Suntan

Girls from Brazil 2.36

Girls from Brazil

Jazzy Bossa 3.05

Jazzy Bossa

La Piaggia 3.15

La Piaggia

One Night in Rio 3.40

One Night in Rio

Pacific sunset 3.24

Pacific sunset

Ipanema party 4.22

Ipanema party

Rio Blues 4.32

Rio Blues

What else 2 3.45

What else 2

Sweet day 4.42

Sweet day

Sweet samba 0.33

Sweet samba

Sweet bossa 2.3

Sweet bossa

Sunset bossa 3.29

Sunset bossa

Sunny bossa 2.15

Sunny bossa

Tel Aviv Bossa 2.34

Tel Aviv Bossa

Belle bossa 3.36

Belle bossa

Ipanema sky 3.30

Ipanema sky

Samba Star 3.25

Samba Star

Bossa bistro 3.4

Bossa bistro

Café Bossa nova 2.06

Café Bossa nova

Riviera 4.30


Copa beach 3.28

Copa beach

Sports fever 1.00

Sports fever

Hot chili salsa 3.30

Hot chili salsa

Hot chili salsa 3.30

Hot chili salsa

Promenade 2.50


Guggle 2.30


Zazaie 3.21


Sauce 2.20


Brazilia lounge 2.33

Brazilia lounge

Nostalgia 3.17


Nostalgia 3.17



Brazil/ Bossa/ Jazz Latin Latin Jazz Lounge/ Cosmetic/ Fashion / Lifestyle Sexy / Sensual/ Ethnic percussion Saxophone
Bouncy Dreamy Gentle Joyful Brazilian Light Optimistic Reflective Smooth Warm Cool Sunshine Fashion Confident Luxury

Musiques jouées dans la pure tradition brésilienne dans les genres Bossa nova, electro brazil, samba, tropical, traditionnel, mambo, caraibes, cap vert. La musique populaire brésilienne naît de la rencontre des traditions amérindienne, européenne et africaine.