Royalty Free Americana Music – Here is everything you could possibly need in folk music.  For those who love traditional American root music, you’ll enjoy the tracks.  Serving as the great backdrop in a music store, or a shop themed on American history, this is a great variety of songs to take a look at.

Perfect for setting the mood and showing off the blues, rock and roll, and folk feel, you’re really going to be impressed with this fun, toe-tapping selection of music that will lead you right. tracks here are Warm and building, featuring breezy acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro and slide guitar that create a natural, carefree yet feel good mood and depicts a beautiful outdoor scene that made america’s history. Capture the true spirit of American roots with these beautifully crafted music tracks featuring acoustic guitar picking in a warm and gentle groove.

Cool mandolin 2.30
Cool mandolin
Folk mandolin 1.28
Folk mandolin
Madolin Magic 2.25
Madolin Magic
Mandolin Boy 1.10
Mandolin Boy
Mandolin Groov 1.42
Mandolin Groov
Heartland 2.16
Americana 2.17
Arizona sun 4.90
Arizona sun
Graceland 2.48
Great spaces 2.48
Great spaces
Silver river 2 3.03
Silver river 2
Magnificient skies 3.16
Magnificient skies
Tender moments 3.45
Tender moments
America the beautiful 3.03
America the beautiful
Depression song 1.13
Depression song
Honoris causa 3.10
Honoris causa
Majectic light 3.15
Majectic light
Smithsonian 1.24
Legacy 1.23
Wehring History 3.36
Wehring History