Royalty Free African Music

Positive & inspiring traditional African tunes with a catchy celebratory feel.

it Features Native African chant with subtle flute, kalimba in a river of pads.Ideal for travel, documentary,adventure & comedy.  authentic african instruments used such as congas, kora, balafon, african flute, djembe…Traditional folk music from Senegal, Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia, rwanda, ivory coast, Cameroon, South africa and more

African Discovery 2.12
African Discovery
African Discovery – no drums 2.12
African Discovery-no drums
African Harmony 2.00
African Harmony
Africa Matata 2.33
Africa Matata
African cup 2.21
African cup
African Journey 3.04
African Journey
African township 3.00
African township
African Voodoo 0.53
African Voodoo
Soweto – 50 cut 0.50
Soweto – 50 cut
Ethiopian Adventure 2.55
Ethiopian Adventure
Heartbeat of Africa 3.02
Heartbeat of Africa
Soweto 2.32
Inside Africa 4.05
Inside Africa
Humayeo 3.38
Planet earth 2.39
Planet earth
Cesario 3.03
Radio Africa 2.54
Radio Africa
Faith of a child 3.40
Faith of a child