royalty free acoustic guitar music

 Royalty Free Acoustic Guitar Music

Royalty Free beautiful acoustic guitar ballads featuring orchestral sounds filled with touching emotions.Melodic, positive with bright skies. Ideal for romance, tender moments, Nature, big spaces, travel; Innocence scenes, wedding & historical.

 Bright and bouncy, featuring a Folk-Pop feel, acoustic guitar, ukulele, mandolin, light percussions and cheerful hand-claps that create a positive, happy and carefree mood.

Acoustic journey 3.17

Acoustic journey

The morning light 2.08

The morning light

Sky high 3.55

SKy high

Sweet Summer-acoustic mix 1.32

Sweet Summer-acoustic mix

Au soleil 3.45

Au soleil



Nouveau Reve 4.08

Nouveau Rêve

Acoustic lounge 1.20

Acoustic lounge

Afternoon sun 2.12

Afternoon sun

Americana style 2.07

Americana style

Away we go 2.32

Away we go

Blue spring 1.22

Blue spring

Bright and beautiful 1.25

Bright and beautiful

Brilliant lights 2.00

Brilliant lights

By chance 1.40

By chance

By my side 1.28

By my side

Cafe House 2.30

Cafe House

California drive 1.41

California drive

Catalina kiss 2.08

Catalina kiss

Constant 1.28


Country life 1.22

Country life

Dream life 1.36

Dream life

Droplets 2.10


European roots 2.10

European roots

Every good thing 0.45

Every good thing

Falling for you 1.24

Falling for you

Feelings show 1.54

Feelings show

Forever this way 3.42

Forever this way

Give me faith 2.10

Give me faith

Good thoughts 2.12

Good thoughts

Goodnight star 1.40

Goodnight star

Happy go quirky 1.05

Happy go quirky

Hope avenue2 1.48

Hope avenue2

Hope avenue3 1.48

Hope avenue3

In your eyes 1.22

In your eyes

It is all around 2.56

It is all around

Jet streams – instru 1.19

Jetstreams – instru

Jet streams – vocal 1.19

Jetstreams – vocal

Kids pop 1.00

Kids pop

Like yesterday 1.02

Like yesterday

Little things 2.06

Little things

Luminous 1.00


Make it rain 2.00

Make it rain

Midnight bottle 1.45

Midnight bottle

My day 1.52

My day

My expectations-Instru 1.04

My expectations – Instru

My expectations-Vocal 1.04

My expectations – Vocal

My word 1.22

My word

Negev desert 3.34

Negev desert

never told you 1.20

never told you

New star 1.22

New star

One fine wire 1.56

One fine wire

Only hope 1.42

Only hope

Pushing forward 1.15

Pushing forward

Red dust 1.55

Red dust

River flow 2.20

River flow

River of gold 2.30

River of gold

Runnin around 1.43

Runnin around

Sky light2 1.00

Sky light2

So happy 1.12

So happy