Royalty Free 60s, 70s music with a vintage sound, remember Shaft, Starsky and hutch – styles: Jerk, funk, madison, rhythm ‘n blues, soul.

The 60s was a fabulous decade that produced some great music- Today younger generations are listening to it. Countless songs from the 60s era has been covered by by new artists.  Television commercials often use these recordings to promote their products

Pepperoni dance 1.52

Pepperoni dance

James Black 2.13

James Black

Can you Jerk ? 3.02

Can you Jerk ?

Spaghetti Western 2.30

Spaghetti Western

Dancing in the street 2.56

Dancing in the street

Happy people 2.26

Happy people

In the fields 2.45

In the fields

Summer life 2.42

Summer life

Summer song 2.05

Summer song

Do the monkey 3.12

Do the monkey

Soul Man 1.33

Soul Man

Funkey donkey 2.10

Funkey donkey

Funky dude 3.05

Funky dude

Funky jazz 2.46

Funky jazz

Soul Power 2.57

Soul Power

Investigator 2.22


Jazz quartet 3.30

Jazz quartet

Lower east side 3.18

Lower east side

Private eyes 3.19

Private eyes

Smoky jazz 2.18

Smoky jazz

Spies 2.00


Streets of LA 2.57

Streets of LA

Streewise detective 3.08

Streewise detective

Superstitious 2.22


The 60’s 2.53

The 60’s

Yellow onions 2.57

Yellow onions