Trailer music is powerful, Epic and Cinematic

When you sit down to watch a movie, whether it’s on TV or at the cinema, you will no doubt come across the trailers for other movies that are coming on TV or out in the cinema soon.

These trailers are usually action packed and go to show you the key parts of the movie that the directors want to try and show off; but if you think about any good trailer out there, the main thing that people tend to remember is the music!



Speaking to friends afterwards about the trailer, if you cannot remember the name you will no doubt be able to remind them of how the trailer music actually went! It’s important, then, to try and remember just how important the audio side of things can be when you are trying to make something really stand out.

The work that goes into creating unique trailer music is completely independent of the movie itself; it’s no something that you just decide to go with or hope for the best on, or even steal from the film. Most of the time, good trailer music will be uniquely composed for that trailer to expose the themes, emotions and energies behind the movie itself.

In a way, trailer music can be used to help set the tone for the thought process on the movie; without audio, it would just be muted scenes that would be hard to gauge.

With the help of some trailer music, though, things become far more engaged! It helps to create that element of hype of power, around any element of the trailer itself. By shining a light on the atmosphere of what is supposed to be conveyed form what you are seeing on the screen, trailer music can be the perfect icing on the cake for any trailer that feels it needs to stand out a little bit more. The composition style from trailer music to normal music is completely different, and tends to be built around a very meticulous style of work that makes every single second count

Trailer music is powerful

You might have a main theme song for the movie already, but it shouldn’t double as your trailer music; having a snippet from a song isn’t nearly as powerful as being able to call upon the unique sounds of trailer music. It helps to create a unique style of interaction with the audience that a typical song that is ripped for the trailer simply would not usually be able to attain, not with so much power and ease. Trailer music can be the difference between being remembered and researched by a viewer, or being forgotten about completely.


Capturing the emotions

BUSINESS is based around helping to make sure that trailer music remains one of the standout aspects of any trailers that come out through creating epic music that’s built around capturing the emotions and attention of the audience. When music shines together and really sounds as it should, it can help empower the visuals so much more to create the perfect artistic experience; this is what we look to do with any trailer music that we take on.


Trailer music has the Epic and futuristic cinematic flair of music  Perfect for movie trailer, game or youtube video project.


Download premium royalty free music for videos – A comprenhensive and affordable industry tool

Download royalty free music for your videos – A comprenhensive and affordable industry tool


Royalty free music, sometimes called stock music, has been a vital instrument in several industries. Its affordability and versatility, it has become widely popular, particularly because one does not need to compensate the artist or the seller of the music, royalties or on-going fees. The availability of first-class quality, royalty free music from vast music libraries, even including some prize-winning musical pieces, makes it a fantastic option. From novices to experts almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of royalty free music to improve their project in a significant way. Visit our site

Royalty free music can lend credence to nearly all types of projects. Royalty free music for videos, for instance, is a distinctive addition that gives more substance and character to the videos. It can as well be applied in diversified ways, whether as a background or trailer music for films, production of televisions, radio programs, and to add more value to productions for schools or jobs. Adding music to almost any project will better capture the attention of your audience and enhance the quality of the overall experience.

Primary Uses of Royalty Free Music

The use of royalty free music for videos in various industries has fundamentally become more and more popular over the years. Such popularity contributed to the continued development of downloadable royalty free music. With royalty free music, industry professionals such as film and television producers, educational institutions, business owners, corporate companies, and many more, are able to have access to quality music for a range of projects, without the need to pay expensive royalty obligations to composers, artists or music companies. It also allows certain industries to keep huge earnings without compromising work quality. Keeping an eye on the bottom line is always important for any professional venture or even for amateurs looking to keep a strict budget.

Often, companies needing music for videos in producing film music or an entire music score for full-length videos, resort to royalty free music for videos, from vast libraries to accomplish their specialized needs. Even those needing any type of music for independent or major motion picture production, television program, or commercial videos—either as background or foreground music, title theme or an entire score, royalty free music has become a primordial option.

The Growing Popularity of Royalty Free Music

Anyone in need of premium, downloadable royalty free music for videos can rely on numerous online music libraries offering comprehensive, affordable, and downloadable royalty free music. The size of the libraries can vary so it is important to review the details of what each site offers before signing up or agreeing to their terms.

The almost unlimited source of royalty free music collections made possible the use of music for commercial purposes, with the absence of obligatory royalty payments. Users make use of this option because legally using some of the popular music would entail many obstacles to go through and can become extremely expensive.

Generally, you would be required to acquire mechanical rights, transcript rights, neighboring rights, master use rights, synchronization and transcription rights, and public performance royalties. Doing so, would take many years, not to mention a considerable amount of money and most often many restrictions on how the music can be used.

Big time users of music such as Hollywood somehow deal with this predicament by paying production music libraries for their music. Such libraries purchase musical rights to music on a work-for-hire basis, and in turn license the music to television or film companies for an amount that is substantially cheaper than commissioning specific music for the video or film. However, this system can be cost-prohibitive to smaller production houses or amateur filmmakers who intend to make use of YouTube or other forms of social media as their primary distribution channel.

Royalty Free Music as an Option

There are diverse compilations of royalty free music that are perfect for all types of creative projects. Making use of these sources as an alternative is a great way to make your video projects, stunning and more special, without the need to break your bank because of costly royalty fees.

Relying on the premise of the current copyright laws, making use of downloadable royalty free music for videos will allow you to use some of the reserved rights for a certain musical work legally, free of charge. Most music libraries offer free copyright licenses, enabling you to mark your creative work with the freedom to use a particular music. It will further allow you to legally share the music online, make copies for your friends and use them in your videos and other compositions, without fear of being legally subjected to copyright issues which can include severe penalties.

You can give your video project more character by integrating unique and sophisticated music from Filmtv-tracks. If you are in need of music for your videos or other creative projects, you can explore and evaluate different music libraries offering royalty free music for videos. It is the cheapest and the highest quality option available, giving added premium quality to your creative projects, without necessarily paying a premium price.

If you need amazing royalty free music, Filmtv-tracks is the #1 source for high quality royalty free music that will bring your project to life!

Premium royalty free music for all

PREMIUM-ROYALTY-FREE-MUSICThere seems to be an unlimited supply of music online. Everywhere you turn, whether in television, radio, or internet, there is always an opportunity to download and hear new tracks. However, there is always a question of whether this music can be used without running into serious copyright issues.

Fortunately, the cost of using all genres of music is now greatly reduced, with the availability of royalty free music libraries. With royalty free music, you will only have to pay a single amount for such royalty intricacies as mechanical rights, publishing rights, neighboring rights, master use rights, and public performance royalties, among others. Furthermore, you will have a massive selection of downloadable royalty free music from almost all types, styles and music genres.

Royalty free corporate music

One of the most efficient ways to connect with your customers is to provide positive music that evokes a happy and friendly vibe. Fun, positive music tracks with happy melodies are great addition to productions needed for product demonstrations and other business promotions. We have a wide selection of royalty free corporate music that will help your business give more impact for your PowerPoint presentations, corporate videos or seminar materials. From acoustic, folksy music to laid back acoustic jams; from serene, ethereal tunes to industrial compositions, our vast library will definitely have something in store for you.

Royalty free action music

Intense, suspenseful and driving. These primordial qualities best describe the vast selection of our royalty free action music. High-octane, action-packed music is suitable for thrilling car chases and exhilarating scenes for action films reminiscent of such action films as Mission Impossible or James Bond. We offer a variety of electronic music suitable for visuals that need some pumped-up beats that highlight fast action scenes and imagery.

Royalty free ambient music

Royalty free ambient music is ideal for productions needing music that exudes an air of warmth, indulgence and spirituality. Serene and insightful musical compositions that add groove or ethic flavor to your videos, mobile apps or games which give out that reverberating emotion and peaceful introspection. Our library contains tracks that are beautiful, dreamy, and spiritual evoking a delightful feeling of dawning freedom. Synthetic beat that slowly builds up to an intense, reverberated blend of string and percussion, often resulting in a melodic musical production that would captivate the audience.

Royalty free animation music

Positive, fun and childish. Such music as a funny sound of a toy piano or a human trumpet is great for any animation or cartoon projects for television. The funny, outlandish and wacky sounds of royalty free animation music, emphasizes the humor and comedy that you want to convey, especially for productions directed at children. You probably experienced growing up with the familiar wacky music accompanying the adventures of the Looney Tunes cartoon character. Just imagine the good laughter induced by such outlandish royalty free animation music.

Royalty free classical music

Dynamic, spirited and majestic. These words would easily summarize royalty free classical music. You can make your projects more sophisticated by adding orchestral arrangements. Elegant, sentimental and classical tracks are the perfect accompaniment to documentaries or wedding videos. Royalty free classical music, is a striking addition to your video or musical production that underscore dreamy images of stunning landscapes, magnificent mountains, tranquil weather and other images of beautiful nature. We offer hundreds of classical compositions that warm the heart, or something that slowly builds up to cheerful, dreamy glissando.

Royalty free rock music

Two words: exhilarating and motivating. If you want to drive your projects into even higher gear, adding royalty free rock music is a fun and funky way to do it. The driving rhythm of these rock anthems is the easiest way to energize an action scene. The youthful attitude and quirkiness of ram-packed rock tracks are perfect accompaniment for anything that evokes male stereotypes such as automobile, sports, and energetic content. You can make use of our royalty free rock music to push your projects further, outside of your comfort zone, to suggest a loud and edgy vibe.

Royalty free pop music

Royalty free pop music is generally labeled as young, energetic, refreshing, urban and trendy. This music is suited for a range of high fashion contents directed towards a youthful audience. Music featuring drums, synth tabs, bass and catchy melodic lines evoke the energy and the aspirations of teens. The energy, rhythm, and the drive of royalty free pop music is an impeccable choice for happy materials that would appeal to a younger audience. It would also carry the character and the dreams of the youth.

Royalty free orchestral music

You can try our selection of orchestral arrangements that prompts a sense of optimism and motivation. Royalty free orchestral music is a flawless addition to productions reminiscent of Hollywood classics that clamor for grand, urgent and intense emotions. Skim through our music library in order to find the classic and moving orchestral hybrid that slowly and steadily build into the rousing crescendo that you are looking for. The intensity of imposing music from heartening string instruments, provide an epic score for trailers and advertisements for an added emotional impact.

Royalty free piano music

The music from the grand piano truly displays heartfelt emotion and romance. Our library includes a huge selection of piano driven tracks that would help emphasize such feelings as longing, loneliness and love. Even a gentle repetition of piano music, underscored by a string instrument, could transform a dull production into a heart-warming, cinematic, and magical creation. Royalty free piano music is perfect for advertisements that are directed towards a sweet, feel-good and intimate emotion.

Royalty free kids and comedy music

Commercials, animation and mobile games often need fun, quirky, and kid-oriented music to evoke playful, positive and comedic content. We offer a diverse selection of joyful, light, and warm tracks that are ideal for TV advertisements or productions that represent positive and uplifting energies. Royalty free kids and comedy music is perfect for child-related videos or videos that would definitely put on a smile to the viewer’s face.

Royalty free video game music

Playing video games become more engaging with royalty free video game music. This type of royalty free music is ideal for intense, action-packed games for PC and mobile devices. It is also perfect for productions that require big sounds to build the momentum further. Scan through our vast library and you will find versatile musical masterpieces that would make any video game even more intense.

Royalty free romantic music

Royalty free romantic music is generally progressive and touching with tracks that progress into a climax of grand passion. These tracks are suited for many types of productions that are inclined to produce romantic sentiments that are evocative of love and high emotions. Especially perfect for productions for weddings, Valentines, and romantic celebrations, you can find the right royalty free romantic music from our immense library.

Royalty free music for documentaries

Documentary music is one of the latest additions to our enormous music library. Our music tracks cover wide range of emotions that will fit any of your documentary projects. Royalty free music for documentaries involving wildlife and nature, science and technology, documentary, drama, and atmospheric music beds, are some of the most sough-after royalty free music. If you want to chronicle the adventure of your documentary heroes with proper detail, overtures from royalty free music for documentaries are great additions.

Royalty free trailer music

Royalty free trailer music includes music from big drums, huge orchestras, epic brass and other similar sets of instruments, exactly how a trailer should. Using royalty free music for your production is a great way to add powerful, dark and a dramatic atmosphere to your trailer films. Epic trailer music is a commanding and motivational track that is emphasized by dramatic orchestra music plus and an assortment of great string and brass melodies. The music then culminates in a great uplifting tempo that brings a very dramatic end.

Royalty free music for commercial ads

Commercial advertisement must immediately capture the customer’s attention. One way to do so is to use royalty free music for commercial ads. Our library contains thousands of music tracks that are perfect for productions which will strengthen your brand. Our royalty free music includes jingles, sound effects, drum loops, audio beds, and other advert music. We also have exclusive titles for a wide range of styles and genres perfect for your video or music projects for commercial purposes.

The music industry is a complicated machine, with many different players wanting to have a piece of the industry’s money pie. If you are going to use a particular musical composition, you need to go through several copyright issues, making it more expensive to use it for business use. It is often a deterrent factor, especially to independent film producers. Nevertheless, through the royalty free music that you can find in our library, you are given more opportunities to make your production even more exciting and engaging.

Strenghten your brand with premium royalty free music


Strenghten your brand with premium royalty free music

Royalty free corporate music

Commercial advertisement must immediately capture the customer’s attention. One way to do so is to use royalty free music for commercial ads. Our library contains thousands of music tracks that are perfect for productions which will strengthen your brand. Our royalty free music includes jingles, sound effects, drum loops, audio beds, and other advert music. We also have exclusive titles for a wide range of styles and genres perfect for your video or music projects for commercial purposes.

The music industry is a complicated machine, with many different players wanting to have a piece of the industry’s money pie. If you are going to use a particular musical composition, you need to go through several copyright issues, making it more expensive to use it for business use. It is often a deterrent factor, especially to independent film producers. Nevertheless, through the royalty free music that you can find in our library, you are given more opportunities to make your production even more exciting and engaging.

One of the most efficient ways to connect with your customers is to provide positive music that evokes a happy and friendly vibe. Fun, positive music tracks with happy melodies are great addition to productions needed for product demonstrations and other business promotions. We have a wide selection of royalty free corporate music that will help your business give more impact for your PowerPoint presentations, corporate videos or seminar materials. From acoustic, folksy music to laid back acoustic jams; from serene, ethereal tunes to industrial compositions, our vast library will definitely have something in store for you.


“HAPPY” is an uplifting,joyful and addictive pop song filled with carefree indie-vibed vocal hooks.
positive and good vibes all the way through!
This track is ideal for marketing and advertising of all kinds
and has a powerful commercial appeal.

La musique de bande annonce ou trailer music

La musique de bande annonce ou trailer music

La musique de bande annonce ou trailer music joue un rôle vital dans la promotion d’un film. En moins de 2 m, la musique de bande annonce doit transmettre l’essence même du film avec des scènes stratégiquement bien choisies afin de capturer l’attention du spectateur.
Très souvent la musique de bande annonce ne fait pas partie de la bande originale du film, elle est composée par des librairies musicales spécialisées ou compositeurs indépendants juste avant la sortie du film.

A noter qu’à ce titre Thomas bergersen auteur du morceau Final frontier n’est pas présent dans la B.O. officielle du film Interstellar, composée par Hans Zimmer. C’est souvent le cas pour la trailer music de blockbusters, puisque les grandes agences font appel pour les trailers à des librairies musicales spécialisées dans cet incontournable exercice marketing.
Le choix de la musique de la bande annonce doit être parfait car il véhicule le message nécessaire au succès du film.

La musique de bande annonce est créée pour transporter l’auditeur et impacter la puissance des images du film.
La musique de bande-annonce ou trailer music est souvent orchestrale incluant de puissantes sections de cuivres, des cordes voluptueuses, des percussions massives et de nombreux fx comme les wooshes, les rise, hits, stabs…
Pour répondre à une forte demande des fans de musique épique, les producteurs de musique de bande distribuent leurs albums numériquement via Itunes, cdbaby ou Amazon. Pour un usage personnel voire même une vidéo sur youtube, viméo ou facebook, nos albums sont disponibles chez

« Mission completed » Musique libre de droit idéale pour les scènes d’action et d’espionnage, ce titre s’inspire du célèbre feuilleton americain  » Mission impossible » thème iconique composé par Lalo Shiffrin et repris par d’autres célèbres compositeurs de films Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, et Michael Giacchino. Idéal pour le film d’action et d’aventure.

« Acoustic Journey » est une musique pop confiante et ensoleillée avec de belles guitares acoustiques, un piano et des percussions légères. ce morceau est un pur régal, il est réconfortant et positif. Il convient parfaitement pour la vidéo le voyage,  l’exploration, la nature ou même des images romantiques.

« Deliverance » Morceau pour orchestre héroïque qui évolue lentement en intensité jusqu’à atteindre une explosion symphonique épique. Un thèeme séduisant est rejoint par des cordes pincées, des cuivres puissants, des chœurs angéliques, des toms et percussions de guerre. l’ambiance est Triomphante, cinématographique et audacieuse. cette musique libre de droit est parfaite pour le film de super héro.

« Happy Ukulele » Une mélodie lumineuse et souriante jouée avec un véritable ukulele, un sifflet humain, un glockenspiel, des claps, une basse acoustique et un piano. le morceau est original et énergique, le thème accrocheur est plein de lumière et de joie de vivre. Choisissez cette musique libre de droit pour votre prochaine vidéo.

« Django swing » Une musique libre de droit  jazz charmante et innocente avec de vrais instruments et une superbe ambiance, une touche swing ou jazz maouche proche d’une valse jouée au piano, basse acoustique et  batterie avec des balais brosses.Une musique inspirante et optimiste au tempo moyen idéal comme toile de fond pour la présentation d’un nouveau produit. Ce morceau motivant   et positif est idéal pour une utilisation en entreprise ou une publicité télévisuelle.

« Fly High » musique d’entreprise inspirante et motivante qui apporte un sentiment de puissance, d’espoir et de réussite. Ce morceau d’entreprise positif s’adapte à tout film institutionnel. la musique commence avec un thème accrocheur jouée au piano accompagné par des cordes riches en harmonie, le morceau continue et monte en intensité et se construit avec des tambours et des guitares légères.

« Streets of tomorow » est une musique de rock indépendant composée et arrangée dans l’esprit U2. Ce morceau original est une source d’inspiration motivante. Avec un rythme prospère et un piano sous-jacent d’espoir, il est parfait pour la publicité, les vidéos sur youtube ou le lancement d’un nouveau produit sur internet.


« Rock energy » musique originale avec un thème puissant et accrocheur, en quelques secondes la montée d’adrénaline est inévitable. L’esprit est jeune et emballé lui donne un coté rebelle grâce aux guitares électriques saturées, le rythme est rapide et soutenu par une solide ligne de basse. Cette piste vous poussera à bord et à l’extérieur de votre zone de confort. Parfait pour le sport, les voitures, et autres contenus nécessitant de l’énergie positive.

« Defiance theme  » L’intro mystérieuse et inspirante évolue dans une pièce orchestrale puissante avec des stacatto de cordes joués comme une pulsation hypnotique . sur un ryhtme très percussif. Il s’accumule à un arrangement orchestral symphonique très hollywoodien avec une mélodie forte et heroique de premier plan. excellent pour les scènes d’action, d’aventure, de suspense dans la lignée de James Newton Howard.

La vidéo et les réseaux sociaux : une arme marketing de masse !


La vidéo et les réseaux sociaux : une arme marketing de masse !

 Aujourd’hui, utiliser les médias digitaux dans votre stratégie marketing devient incontournable. Podcasts, vidéos, diaporama enrichis … sont autant de contenus qui améliorent votre website. La vidéo se révèle particulièrement performante sur les réseaux sociaux. En effet, une image vaut mille mots, imaginez alors la puissance d’une vidéo avec de la musique.

Youtube au service du marketing

Si un milliard d’utilisateurs sont enregistrés 4 milliards de vidéo sont vues sur Youtube et 1 milliard sur les équipements mobiles. Sachant que les comptes sont intégrés avec Google, c’est un médium marketing à ne pas négliger pour les entreprises.

Or, moins de 10% des PME américaines et environ 5% des PME françaises sont présentes sur Youtube alors même que plus de 80% des 14-20 ans et 40% des baby boomers utilisent la plateforme pour visionner des vidéos.

Les grandes entreprises ont bien compris et investissent Youtube avec l’aide des Youtubeurs ou spécialistes autodidactes comme Smosh qui a accompagné Sun Drop soda (5 millions de vues).

La puissance médiatique est énorme mais c’est sans compter le partage et les précautions à prendre pour réussir sa campagne.


Partage et suspensions de vidéos

Une bonne vidéo sur Youtube se caractérise par le buzz ou le partage massif qu’elle génère sur les réseaux sociaux comme Facebook et Twitter. Mais ce n’est pas les seuls réseaux, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest… l’utilisation du Web 2.0 s’est largement répandue : plus de 10 millions de Français possédent un compte Facebook.

La stratégie digitale fait désormais partie de l’attirail marketing des grandes entreprises : elles ont bien compris l’intérêt d’avoir des pages ou groupes de fans, à l’exemple de L’Oréal qui récolte des informations sur les tendances, idées produits et autres via des questions à sa communauté. L’interactivité et la régularité de la démarche sont primordiales. Ces besoins ont donné naissance à de nouveaux métiers, comme le community manager par exemple pour s’en occuper à plein temps.

Les vidéos associés se sont développés sur toutes les plateformes sociales : c’est désormais un outil incontournable du branding et du marketing. La viralité du message peut ainsi générer des retours sur investissements colossaux et traçables contrairement aux supports traditionnels(cds, dvds…)

Outre le concept propre à chacun, la qualité éditoriale ou narrative de leurs contenus, l’ambiance sonore est aussi primordiale pour que les auditeurs accrochent. C’est un domaine à double tranchant l’apparition de morceaux enfreignant le copyright ou droit d’auteur peut entraîner la suspension de la vidéo voir du compte Youtube ou Facebook !

Utilisation de musique libre de droit vous épargnera des déboires juridiques mais aussi la perte de votre travail mis en ligne.

Vous produisez un film institutionnel, un spot TV ou une publicité sur internet?

Votre vidéo nécessite une musique de qualité Filmtv-tracks pour captiver votre audience.


The Power of Music in Advertising

The Power of Music in Advertising

There’s no doubt that music can have a powerful effect on people. Music makes us cry and smile, brings back memories of emotionally relevant times in our lives, both happy and sad. That said, the power of music in advertising is especially impressive, inspiring consumer’s to buy products or consider services.

There are a lot of important elements that come into play in ad campaigns that can end up sticking in a consumer’s head, which, let’s face it, is the end goal. Probably the most revolutionary factor in traditional advertising has been the advancement of the “jingle”. What was at one time a simple, catchy tune has grown into a “micro” soundtrack that has the power to emotionally trigger a sale.

Nielsen Study Regarding the Power of Music in Advertising
A study recently conducted by Nielsen researched the effectiveness of over 600 TV advertisements, with over 500 that included music. The study revealed that ads that incorporated some form of music worked better across metrics that include creativity, emotive power, empathy and information power, than the ones didn’t. Then again, music can have a diverse impact on various categories. For instance, advertisements using music for travel campaigns and consumer packaged products scored high for emotive power and empathy. Music also helped deliver information power for retail campaigns and fast food restaurants.

When it comes to advertising, memorability counts, however effective advertising does much more than simply create memories. Even though it’s crucial that consumers remember an advertisement’s message, connecting with it on an emotional level can directly result in a purchase. Advertisers often use the familiarity of a well-known song to provoke a specific response in consumers that aligns with the goal of their advertisement. Powerful music can easily trigger strong emotional responses, and songs can help as well, creating a soundtrack to the events as they unfold during the ad.

So, What Music is the Most Effective?
Well, this actually is dependent upon the message the advertiser wants to get across. For example, popular songs are often very effective when it comes to triggering an emotional response. On the other hand, other music genres are more effective for promotional and price based ads that are hoping to get their message across to their target audiences. Either way, when it comes to the power of music in advertising, either style of music can convey information and if applied professionally, can provide a “hook” and increase the value of the information presented in the advertisement. The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to remember that the music doesn’t need to be the main attraction. By incorporating new, (talented) artists and popular songs into advertisements as aspects, the larger story’s structure has the power to boost an ad’s memorability.

While it’s important that advertising resonates with consumers, advertisers prefer that their messages drive sales, which is why it’s important to take the power of music in advertising seriously. By using music to boost the emotive power of advertisements, marketer’s can generate significant returns.

The Power of Music in Branding

The Power of Music in Branding

It is essential in today’s market segments that brands earn an emotional connection with consumers if they want to avoid losing them to their competitors. This isn’t anything new, we’re all well aware of it or should be, but it’s not always easy to achieve because most of us get overwhelmed. One marketing strategy that is often overlooked is the power of music in branding.

The music that businesses use in their communications can have a far greater and longer lasting effect on consumers than most entrepreneurs think. Unfortunately, music is often an afterthought which is a huge mistake. Music in branding shouldn’t just be used as a passive backdrop – it needs to be used to support
your message and grab attention. Long story short – music communicates.

Music = Connect and Engage = Value
Use the power of music in branding to establish an emotional connection with your brand. Making an emotional connection will increase brand recognition, create buzz and excitement beyond your brand’s core services and products. The power of music in branding also empower consumers, giving them the kind of user experience and value that they’ll want to share with their sphere.

Music creates the appeal and overall value that brands must have in order to attract their target market’s attention, drawing it away from the competition and establishing a genuine connection with their prospects and clients. When used appropriately, music not only creates loyalty and advocacy, it generates sales and profits.

Music and Films
Film soundtracks are frequently used to demonstrate the power of music in branding, making a memorable emotional connection. If you’re not convinced, think “Jaws”. When you hear the soundtrack from the movie, even all these years later, you and anyone else who has heard it, connects it to the movie. You know all those shrieks you let out when you watched the movie? They were due in part to the feelings of fear and anticipation of the upcoming shark attack that the soundtrack created. Great soundtracks can also make you care more about the characters in a film and even appreciate the visuals more.

Corporate Sound Branding
Corporate branding also benefits from sound and music and there are music designers out there that can be compose especially for the brand. The process should be to position the designed music and sound in the corporations’ communicative touch points, creating a sound identity that supports its visual brand identity. With this particular approach, the brand sound experiences aren’t developed through entertainment that involves the music industry. Instead, it’s used with the distinct purpose of producing an audible and easily recognized “red thread” via corporate touch points. That may be anything from sound used on websites, to on hold music, ringtones, sound logos, computer sounds and other innovative corporate soundtracks.

If Used Incorrectly . . .
If you pair the wrong music with your brand it can have a highly undesirable effect. For example, if your potential or current clients misinterpret the emotional messages of the music you’re using, finding that it contradicts your personality, brand or values, they just may end up distrusting your brand.