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Prophecy, specifically designed for the unique needs of movie trailers, television advertising and video games

Prophecy was composed for motion picture and television advertising campaigns, films, games, online media.

Whether it’s a blockbuster, a family-friendly movie or an emotional film, This Epic hybrid collection of tracks has everything you need to boost your next trailer  from powerful hybrid sound design, agressive, sinister, Massive hits, to hollywood strings, epic choirs, mega horns, risers, impacts, big wooshes and percussive drums .Loaded with fierce, hard-hitting and apocalyptic sounds from the depth of hell.

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Music means something different to all us, whether we are aware of what it means in particular to us or not.  For most of us, it acts as an escape in which we will feel free from a lot of the things that makes feel the most vulnerable.  Music choice, however, is something that is deeply personal and many people feel very connected to the music that they choice.  Movie scores are much the same way, and we are all about creative emotive soundtracks that can be used to all of the biggest moves that are hitting the theatres today like Star Wars: Rogue One, Sing, Passengers, and Moana.  If you want a look into what makes music as bold as it is, Prophecy has some great numbers to share with you.  Here are 12 of the best to hep bring your movie to life:


  1. Act of Courage: Starting with a ominous and destructive string base, this is a song that is all about how strength can be taken from the darkest moments and hardest problems that you are going to be through. Like the birth of an hero, this song is all about embracing with the courageous parts of your personality and going out there and taking on what is standing in front of you.  If you need motivation, this is a great theme for it.
  2. Defend Yourself: The perfect blend of melancholy and an strong blend of gentle strength, this song is about reaching into your world and drawing strength from inside you when the moment comes to face your enemy and make the most out of what you have. It’s a high energy and emotional song that features theme of love and dedication to keeping yourself strong.  With a steady beat that is motivational, it’s great for those intense scenes where you need a energizing theme for protecting what is dearest to you.
  3. From Dust to Life: A song about imagination, captivation, thought process, emotion, and making something out of nothing, this is a gentle theme that features all of the aspects that you need to move into a world where creation comes through. This is perfect for those scenes where you need something illustration creation and development in a safe spot.  You can almost see your brain working faster and flitting from idea to idea as you listen to it.  Imagine it on screen.
  4. Infiltration: If you need a powerful song that is about scoping out the enemy and putting all of the energy you’ve got into getting out of the world and making sure that you are equipped for taking on all of the tasks sitting in front of you, this is certainly the one for the task. It is fast, motivational and full of the themes that you are looking for in your creative life.  You can picture how it’ll work in your head on screen.
  5. Out of the Shadows: This is a song about going through with what you need to do in a way that is going to benefit everyone. It talks to you about strength and energy and helping you realize your full potential in all that you are working on.  You need to see yourself as a strong character, and this is a song that is all about overcoming your problems and in powerful song with the full orchestration that you’re looking for.
  6. Prophecy: With a full beat and a destructive grunge feel to it, this song is full of frantic energy that makes it the perfect illustrational piece that can help you take your movie scene to the next level, whether you can see it in your head you are still forming it all over together.
  7. Return of the Forgotten: This is a brave song about those characters that are coming back from a spot where they were almost forgotten about. You can take this and do so much with it. It is perfectly meshed between sad and powerful.  You can use this as your main theme in just about anything and it will satisfy your needs.
  8. Rise Above: For a powerful song about taking on everything in front of you even when you are fearful of what it is sitting in front of you, this is a great idea to really consider for your scene. It works as character or task-based and it will give you everything you need to see it unfolding in front of you.
  9. Undercover: A song of motivation and dedication for all of the things that need to be done, this is a great score option for any tricky scene where all little things have to come together such as – like the name suggests – an undercover scene. It is ready for those intense scenes that will keep you in good humour.
  10. We Have No Fear: A theme that is all about rolling your sleeves and facing a task in front of you with the motivation that you know how you are going to make it all work for you, this is great for those scenes where you characters are putting together their plan and getting everything ready for the battle is going to be heading their way.
  11. We The Brave: Looking for a theme that is all about inner strength and determination? This is a fierce theme that will keep you going as you are acting out these tough moments and looking for something that is going to keep you moving in the right direction.
  12. We Will Live: A song all about survival in one form or another, this is a fantastic option for those “down and out” scenes where you characters need to find a way to get out of a tricky situation. It says that they are in need of some help and some support, but they’ve got all of the characteristics that they need to make it through the hardest parts that they are going to encounter.  A great message for anyone who is struggling with something.


Everyone has a different idea in mind when it comes to music, but all 12 of these versatile and diverse tracks give you a different look into music scores and movie soundtracks.  Prophesy is epic/dramatic  and an all-inclusive soundtrack would be the perfect album that is rich with motivational, powerful, deep, determined threads that are all linked together with an epic touch of motivational energy.  Inspiring, Entertaining, Motivating and Hearrwarming.

Prophecy was specifically designed for the unique needs of movie trailers, television advertising and video games …

What Exactly Is Music Clearance And Licensing?

If you’re deep in the world of video and movie, you know all about the importance of music.  It can make a scene work, not work, make it stronger, weaker, etc.  More to the point, the music helps keep the viewers entertained and essentially helps the viewer have a great overall experience, making the film or video memorable.  Picking the song is critical, of course, but making sure that you have the required licensing for the song to use it is even more so.  What is music clearance and licensing, exactly?  We’re so glad you asked!

Simply put, these terms mean that you have the required permissions to use the song in the way that you have presented to the people who own it.  You can’t just go and make a movie, pair music with it, and then release it for the world to see.  This is how lawsuits happen, and it’s why music clearance and licensing are both important on their own as well as together.  Let’s break it down a little bit more to see how it works.



This is the first step in the process of using a song for your film production.  You put together a list of songs (and publishers, since there is often more than one per song), and write them something similar to a letter of intent.  This letter will be used to determine all of the details about what you want to use and how you are looking to use it, exactly.

You have to give the title of the the song, the artist who sings it, the version of the song, what particular part of the song you want to use it, and (quite often) some sort of script of rough video of the actual part of the film that you are looking to use it in.

This will all go to the publisher(s) of the song and be used to determine whether or not they are going to give you permission to use the song.  It’s important to note that if they don’t give you permission, it is illegal to use the song.  Keep that in mind.

Another thing that is mentioned in the clearance section of this process if the fee that is going to go into purchasing the license (see below).  You’ll have to make sure that you make yourself a good contender by offering a generous and fair amount of money to purchase the license for the song.



This is the more legal side of the process.  This is where the actual details of the song and film get laid out for both sides to see.  The duration of the film, the genre of the film, the explanation as to why the song is going to be chosen, the duration of the licence (how long the song can be used for in the film after it’s released), etc.

The small details need to be hammered out here, as once this license is put together and signed, it is a legal binding document that needs to be abided by both sides.  The good thing is, the more information you give in your original letter asking for permission, the easier the actual licensing agreement is going to be.


Why is this important?

The world is run by all sorts of rules and regulations, some legal and some otherwise.  If you are looking to make your movie unforgettable you can have all the special effects you want, but you need to make sure that you have all of the legalities in check, or none of it is going to mean anything when it comes for the public to view it.  Not asking for permission is one thing, but getting a license and then breaking it, is another, entirely.

You need to stay within the lines of the license and make sure that you are always following the legal rules when it comes to music clearance and licensing.  As you can probably imagine, all it takes is one infraction to alienate yourself both from the community of movies and film, as well as the music industry.  News travels fast, and no one will want to work with a music producer who broke the basic rules of rights and music.  So, if you want to stay prominant in the world around you, getting this process underway is important.



When it comes to getting the proper permissions and everything, the sooner the process is started, the better.  As mentioned, it can take a long time for you to get responses and to get the information that you need for all the publishers to draw up a license for each one.  It’s also great to get the legalities of the situation out of the way so that you are free to enjoy the more sentimental part of being a movie producer/music producer.  Following the rules gives you the freedom to enjoy the reason why music is so incredible in the first place.


Legalities and licenses are always finicky and awkward and frustrating, no matter how good you are at them. Make it easier on yourself by learning what they are, why they matter, how they work in your favour, and what to do in order to make sure that you aren’t stuck in between a rock and a hard place. This will help you get a step ahead of the competition out there so that you have the best package and deal that you can get.

10 Great Tips For Making A GoPro Video


Making a professional video can take a lot of work mostly because there are a lot of other people out there serving as your competition.  Therefore, you need to make sure that you are equipped with some of the best equipment but, also, the best knowledge in how to make use of it.  After all, you can have some of the best options out there, but if you don’t know how to use it to your advantage, are you really gaining anything?  This should help you get your name out there for professional quality as well as content.


  1. Put the camera in place before all else

When you are new to the world of GoPro, it’s easy to think about the idea of simply putting all your gear on and then putting the camera in place, right?  Well, it’s actually not really the best option.  Instead, we recommend that you put the camera into place on your gear before you put that specific piece of gear on.  This way you know that it is safely mounted beforehand, and you won’t accidentally damage it when you are trying to put the camera in place when you are already wearing the gear.


  1. Find the right position

Make sure you’ve tested the right position for the camera so that you are going to actually be filming what you set out to film.  This can often be a lot harder than you would think, but you have to make sure that you don’t underestimate this importance.  Test with the same gear in your home, or a friend’s home, or wherever you feel comfortable, and get to know the right position before you set out to do the real thing.  The last thing you want to do is great an amazing shot, only to find out you weren’t even looking at the right place, right?  Of course not.


  1. Make sure you get the right zoom/frame

Similar to the point above, this is important.  Test all of the features out and really get to know your GoPro device in terms of how it looks best for a final shot and the most effective angel and sweep.  Everything like that is important to know before you go out and do the real thing and expect stellar results.  Practice really does make perfect.


  1. Remember to keep yourself focused

When the real event happens, it’s easy to forget that you’re wearing a GoPro.  So, make sure you keep yourself practiced by getting a routine down and sticking with it in the final event where the camera is strapped on and you’re in fine form.  Stay focused on what you came there to do and get multiple takes to make sure that you are giving yourself the footage you had in mind when you bought the camera.


  1. Shaky = Terrible

This is obvious, but important.  Because the camera isn’t stabilized, keeping the video from being shaky is going to be very difficult.  You need to do your best to make sure that you keep it as steady as possible because you’re going to be very unimpressed with the final thing if you don’t.  This is obvious, of course, but is especially important to note when you are working with a GoPro that is strapped onto your helmet, etc.


  1. Accessories are your BFF

On that same note, accessories exist so that you can get rid of many of these problems that we’ve been discussing.  Check out the options online and don’t be afraid to get those gadgets for yourself.  Remember that you are in the professional business of this world, so you have to make sure that you treat yourself accordingly.  Get what you need in order to get that fantastic shot that you’ve always dreamed about.


  1. Consider a mic to go hand in hand with the video

If you are working on an action shot, you should seriously consider a clip on mic to go with your video.  You’ll be able to make sure that you get stellar video and audio that way, so don’t underestimate its power!


  1. Consult with friends who have used them before

If you are new to the world, or are looking to bump up your skills, seriously consider the idea of chatting with someone who has used one before and get their advice on how to best use your machine.  Likewise, share your tips and advice with those around you, too, when they ask for your advice on something.


  1. Consider a drone for nature shots

If you are shooting long range nature shots where you need to get every detail crystal clear from a great angle, consider a drone to help you get the perfect shot from start to finish.  You’ll be incredibly happy with the results and, let’s be honest, it’s a lot of fun to play with.


  1. Make sure you’re shooting something interesting

Yes, this is painfully honest, but important.  Make sure you are shooting something that is important enough to document, because you simply have to make sure that you are in the right business.  You’ll know when the time comes for you and the right thing to document.  Don’t be afraid to check out your competition, too.  You can learn from the mistakes and ideas of others so that your video skills are as strong and powerful as you want them to be.

10 Great Tips For Making A GoPro Video

These tips should help you get started off on the right foot so that you are ready to take on the world from the viewer of your camera.  No guide is perfect for each professional out there, but these ten tips should help you really get something worth sharing beyond just friends and family.  All you have to do is just explore the limits of the ten things above and you’ll get something that is incredible by many people’s standards.  Plus, you’ll have all of the fun of getting the footage in the first place!




Royalty Free Music Library for your Gopro videos
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To be eligible for a GoPro free track, you need permission to use the music in your video. We’ve made it easy and simple. Filmtv-tracks  offers you a huge library of selected music. It’s all free.

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